Police seize huge haul of drugs in Wirral

Police arrested 267 people throughout Merseyside as part of the Home Office's Tackling Drugs Week.

Officers across the county carried out 238 search warrants targeting those responsible for drug related crime and seized a total of drugs with a street value of 269,000.

In Wirral, raids on two houses in Wallasey and Moreton resulted in almost two kilos of cocaine, with a street value of 90,000, being recovered and a 28-year-old man from the Wallasey area being arrrested and later charged with conspiracy to supply Class A drugs.

Two men arrested at the house in Moreton have been bailed pending further enquiries.

And at the entrance to the Wallasey tunnel, police stopped two men in a Saab convertible and, after they reacted suspiciously to being stopped, their car was searched and a one kilogram block of cocaine was found, with an estimated value of 50,000, along with smaller quantities of drugs personal use.

Both men have been arrested and searches of their homes revealed further evidence of the being involved in drug supply.

Also seized during the week-long crackdown were 130 cars belonging to people suspected of being involved in criminal activity and in Knowsley, three cannabis factories were closed down.

As well as arresting drug dealers and seizing drugs, the force and its partner agencies also referred 128 people into drug intervention programmes and handed out thousands of drug advice leaflets to members of the public.

Merseyside Police's Assistant Chief Constable Helen King said, "The successes we have seen over the past week will all contribute to making Merseyside a safer place to live and visit.

"I am determined that those responsible for the type of drug related crime which directly effects the lives of innocent people living on Merseyside will be arrested and dealt with to show that such activity will not be tolerated.

"I want to reassure anyone who knows who is responsible for drug dealing in their area that if they pass on the information, we will act on it promptly."

Anyone with information about drug related activity in their community is urged to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.