Wirral beauty spot clean-up call

THE sunshine can bring out the best in Wirral’s coastline and beauty spots, but it can also leave a legacy of filth.

As temperatures hotted up at the beginning of the month, thousands of residents and visitors headed for the beach.

But they didn’t go alone, and the piles of rubbish left in their wake are testimony to the enjoyment that can be had while the weather is fine - and the damage that can be done if respect for our environment isn’t upheld.

From West Kirby to Rock Ferry, bins overflowed and waste was left scattered.

Karl Connor lives in West Kirby, he said: “We live right by the beach, and I love where we live, but for two or three months of the year we can’t take the kids to the beach because of the mess everywhere.

“I think if we want to turn West Kirby, or Wirral as a whole, into a respected tourist destination then it’s an absolute disgrace.”

His views were echoed by Rock Ferry resident, Dorin Jones, who found bins near The Dell actually covered with black bags to prevent more rubbish being placed inside, with little alternative available.

Dorin told the News: “We walk the dog down there and lots of people come in cars to have lunch.

“It’s a lovely place but the state of it after, just from people forcing stuff in the rubbish to all the bags getting thrown out where they park.”

But Wirral Council cabinet’s environment spokesperson, Cllr Gill Gardiner, who lives in West Kirby, says she has “not personally noticed”.

Cllr Gardiner said: “If it’s a concern we need to know about it and get out there and clean it up.

“Of course, whenever I go out I try and take my rubbish home with me.

“It’s a two-way process, the more people take home with them the better, but we’ve also got a responsibility to provide waste bins as best we can.

“It’s a balance.”

A spokesperson for Wirral Council said: ““Whilst we are pleased to see that many people were using the litter bins provided, it is disappointing that rubbish was left at popular locations in Wirral.

“Over the weekend in question, additional resources were put in place to deal with the overwhelming footfall at West Kirby beach.

“Until the end of June the beach is cleaned with a mechanical rake three times a week.

“During the busy summer months, this will increase to seven times a week.

“Along the promenade, bins are emptied on a continual basis daily.

“During peak times it is accepted that beaches and other areas crowded with people are going to generate additional rubbish, but we would hope that the public would take excess rubbish home with them if bins are full and not dump it.

“It costs Wirral £4m a year to pick up dropped litter and if witnessed by a council officer we will fine people who commit this offence to deter others.”