Wirral man's fatal fall from ladder

A RETIRED engineer died from head injuries after falling from a stepladder as he tried to replace a light bulb at his Bebington home.

An inquest heard that David Billing, aged 78, was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital days after the incident which occured in the kitchen of his Patterdale Road home on February 9.

He died in the hospital’s intensive therapy unit on February 16. A postmortem revealed the cause of death was brain haemorrhage.

Coroner’s officer Donald Johnston told the inquest at Wallasey Town Hall that, according to a friend who was present at the time, Mr Billing had been trying to change a light bulb in the kitchen when he fell from the ladder and struck the back of his head.

He said he felt okay but over the next few days felt unwell. He was found at home on February 11 in a confused state by his son, who took him to hospital. He died five days later and A CT scan revealed a large right-hand haemotoma.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, coroner Christopher Johnson said: “It is clear that the fall lead to his death.”