Fears of compulsory redundancy following merger

THE Land Registry's merger of its two Birkenhead offices could lead to compulsory redundancies, it is feared.

The Government departmentís site in Rosebrae Court, Woodside, will remain open and the Old Market House in nearby Hamilton Street will close on September 30.

Staff at both sites have been offered voluntary redundancy on compulsory terms.

Dave Lunn from the Public and Commercial Services Union says a total of 400 employees are affected by the scheme and more than 100 could lose their jobs.

A Land Registry spokesman said there are no plans for any compulsory redundancies.

But Dave Lunn is concerned that there could be and he told the Globe that the union will fight any attempt to make compulsory redundancies.

He said: "PCS' primary function as a trade union is to defend jobs and it is sad to see anybody go, especially in Birkenhead when there are very few other jobs around.

"We do however respect the right of those members who wish to leave provided this is on an entirely voluntary basis.

"We are concerned however that some people are leaving not because they want to, but because they are not confident about the future of Land Registry.

"Any attempts to make anyone compulsory redundant will be met with the full force of the national union.

"Land Registry is fundamentally a public service but is run very much on a business ethos where staff are expected to hit artificial targets and it has left people feeling very unsure about the future.

"It is therefore crucial that Land Registry remains a public service, retains a presence in Birkenhead and doesnt lose any further staff.

"Land Registry must be able to continue to provide vital impartial services in the interest of the general public rather than pursuing these artificial business targets and at the same time should be able to provide its workforce with secure and meaningful employment".