PLOT holders at a Wallasey allotment site are planning work that will improve the environment and cut crime.

Mossland Drive Alloment Society wants to secure their site against vandalism, arson and rising theft while also helping protect houses that back onto the allotment.

Having consulted the police, the society wants to buikd a high-security fence and use shrubbery to prevent access by vandals.

Project co-ordinator Lynne Goddard said: "The problem has been getting steadily worse over the past few years. We conducted a survey with plot holders and found that the security of the site was considered the most important.

"But this project will enable us to increase the security of our plots while also being true to our environmental principles."

The group has recently been awarded 1,000 from the Green Machine Fund Unilever, and 3,500 from the Community Initiative Fund (CIF) to contribute to the work which should begin in early March.

When complete, the project will help maintain the area and allow it to flourish as a natural green space in the middle of an urban area.

The new hedge will encourage wildlife and the position of the fencing will protect the stream which runs the by site and allow water life to flourish.

The Mossland Drive Allotment Society is the latest project to receive support from the Green Machine Fund supported in the Wirral by Port Sunlight based Unilever UK.

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