Wirral Could Have An Elected Mayor

WIRRAL residents fed up with the way the council is run could force through a referendum on having our own London-style elected Mayor from next year.

Just five per cent of the electorate - 12,118 people - need to sign a petition in favour of a vote over an elected first official before March 31 next year to start the process.

It could mean voters have a better line of communication with the town hall over controversies like library closures.

And an elected Mayor would see a publicly accountable figure - not necessarily from a political party - taking back some of the control of the town hall from unelected officers, currently only answerable to the 66 party-affiliated councillors.

It could also see a change to the political deadlock that has kept Wirral’s council “hung” - with no party in overall control - for years.

Council chief executive Steve Maddox announced the Government’s rules for boroughs seeking an elected mayor in the Globe’s “public notices” last week.

At present, the Mayor of Wirral is a largely ceremonial role with the position rotated among councillors selected each year from the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties.

An elected Mayor would however have a more “executive” position with more power and influence.

Senior figures from across the political spectrum canvassed by the Globe last week all recognised how attractive the proposition may be to the many people currently furious over council cuts.

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