I have got a pair of Numark TT1650 turntables. They have got some scuffs on the body (only small ones) but they work perfectly, every part works fine. The reason for Sale is that I bought them second hand to learn to DJ but I dont have the time to learn now and I also need the space.
These go for about 70-90 on ebay, I want 50.

I have got a pair of Numark CS-1 cartridges and styluses, these have only been used for about 15 minutes so are pretty much new. They are between 40-50 EACH depending on where you go, I want 60 for the pair.

Finally I have got an Omnitronic PM-660 Chrome mixer. This is a very good 4 channel mixer, it is from Europe so it need a plug adapter to work but it works perfectly. It costs about 200euros (about 180) brand new but as its used I want 80 for it.

if anyone wants pictures of any of the stuff, just PM me and I will send them to you. also if anyone is interested in buying anything, PM me to sort out delivery arrangements. I would prefer not to post as I dont have the time to go post offices and stuff.

Thanks everyone