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Not being a drinking man I have little knowledge about individual places. However, what I do have is a copy of a "Cyclists & Ramblers Map of Wirral" dated around the late 1950s I guess, or at least that will be when I bought it.

Key features of the map are
(a) It shows lots of pubs along the main roads and close to footpaths. Well, I suppose you need liquid refreshment while cycling/ rambling.

(b) The lack of any really major roads

(c) the relatively small sizes of many of the villages etc that have now expanded into almost urban conglomerations.

I have scanned 3 parts of the map covering a lot or Wirral. The scans have then been resized but I think the inages are ok. Some clever person can probably reonbine the three scans into one picture (or if there is interest I will dig out the A3 scanner and try to cover more on one scan).


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