200 bail hostels to open across Britain - with NO public consultation

A secret leaked memo last night revealed 200 bail hostels for dangerous criminals are being opened in residential streets across Britain without any consultation with the public.

The Government has signed a multi-million pound contact with a private firm to house a mixture of convicts on early release and suspects who are awaiting trial in a desperate bid to ease prison overcrowding.

They are being placed in homes in residential streets, rather than being held in jail. They are free to come and go, and have only limited supervision.

The existence of the bail hostels caused a storm when it was first revealed by the Mail last year.

Now leaked papers have revealed the full detail of how they are being forced on local communities without any warning.

Shockingly, neighbours are only informed about the plans by letter once the hostels have been given the go-ahead.

Even local councillors, who are supposed to stand up for the public, are being kept in the dark. Councils have no opportunity to protest about the location of the hostels, which are run by the private company ClearSprings.