RISK assessments are to be carried out at school crossings threatened with closure as part of budget cuts in Wirral.

earlier this year the Wirral Council was planning to axe 18 lollipop men and women from across the borough to save £50,000 as part of wider budget cuts.

The move sparked outrage and a campaign led by Liscard councillor Leah Fraser has been opposing the cuts which, it is claimed, will discourage parents from walking their children to school.

The campaigners say many parents will feel it is too dangerous and will choose to drive instead – even as the council renewed its own campaign to encourage more people to leave the car at home for the school run.

But a plan by Lib-Dem councillor Pat Williams could see some of the crossings saved through more detailed risk assessments.

Cllr Williams said she believed the decision to axe the crossings had been “a judgement made on inadequate information” and risk assessments would make a difference.

The former Mayor of Wirral said St Saviour’s school in her ward was an example of a decision to axe a crossing being made on too little information, and added: “I know for a fact that at least one of the private schools nearby was closed on the day they were assessing traffic on Holm Lane.

“People taking their children to that school would have made a significant difference and it needs to be looked at more carefully.”