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#276328 - 16th Dec 2008 2:29am THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS

IMMIGRANTS have snapped up almost every new job created in Britain since 2001.

Research says 1.3million foreigners have flooded into the UK over the last seven years to take up employment.
But while Labour claimed to be behind a jobs boom, hardly any of the new posts have gone to British workers.
Instead the vast majority went to immigrants, including 500,000 since 2004 taken by eastern Europeans.

A report by pressure group Migrationwatch says little effort has been made to help jobless Brits find work. Instead, they have languished on the dole while foreigners – mainly Poles, Africans and Indians – have nabbed their jobs.
Migrationwatch says its dossier makes a mockery of Gordon Brown’s “British jobs for British workers” pledge.
Eastern Europeans have eased their way into work because many are willing to accept the minimum wage of £5.73
The report said that the number of jobless Brits began to creep up after the UK opened its doors to the EU in 2004.

But it also showed the number of east Europeans flocking to Britain had now stabilised and arrivals have dropped to about 13,000 a month.
Figures from the Office for National Statistics show overall UK employment went up 320,000 from 29.17m in 2006
to 29.49m. But during that period the number of Britons in work actually fell by 149,000.

migrationwatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said: “From an immigration point of view this means that migration from eastern Europe is moving into balance as we have been predicting.
“But from the point of view of Brit-born workers, the damage to their prospects has already been done at a time when jobs of almost all kinds are at a premium. This must have been staring the Government in the face for a long time, yet even last month they described the east European migrants as ‘helping to fill gaps in the labour market’.
“Now the cat is out of the bag they cannot possibly lift such restrictions existing on Romanian and Bulgarian workers.”
But Derek Simpson, leader of Unite, said: “The construction industry is one of the worst-hit sectors.

“We can’t allow those hungry for work to be turned away when there is work available.

Edited by _jase_ (16th Dec 2008 2:32am)

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#276330 - 16th Dec 2008 4:01am Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: ]
Shambo Offline
Wise One

Registered: 15th Jul 2008
Posts: 794
Loc: New Brighton
"The failure to be intellectually rigorous about the nature of the debate has created a vacuum which has been occupied by an organisation which presents itself as independent and objective when that is clearly not the case,"

"Of course, I refer to MigrationWatch. This organisation appears determined to peddle exaggeration and distortion to an audience of certain newspapers only too keen to embrace its message."

She attacks Migration Watch UK which is critical of the levels of people coming into Britain legally or otherwise, saying its founders, ex-diplomat Sir Andrew Green and Oxford University demographer David Coleman, need to "come clean" about "not liking" multiculturalism.

"I think that a problem that we've had is that there's been a fairly puerile debate between left and right which has meant that organisations like Migration Watch have almost been able to come in and present themselves as independent experts when they are no such thing,"

"They need to come clean as to what they're about but they've almost been allowed to prosper and they're used by the BBC, by the broadsheets as well as by the tabloids quoting what Migration Watch say. But actually who are they?"
BBC Politics - Barbara Roche: Snakes, Ladders and Asylum

Link to right wing forum...
Migration Watch UK needs your support - Stormfront White Nationalist Community


#276352 - 16th Dec 2008 11:38am Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: Shambo]
MGCraig Offline
Forum Veteran

Registered: 16th Apr 2006
Posts: 5488
Loc: Spital

There was a program on last night caled Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll....with previously lost interview footage with certaain celebrities from the 60s.

One section moved to the race relations act, and the extreme views that the British provided. One, harmless old elderly woman said

"get them out, we dont want them here. Theyre dirty! and theyre children too, would you want your children sitting next to them in class??"

That shocked me, Im aware it was in the 60s, but its still a view people hold today.


#276358 - 16th Dec 2008 11:49am Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: MGCraig]
MissGuided Offline

Wiki Guardian

Registered: 18th Jul 2008
Posts: 9995
Loc: Back of the wardrobe
its going to take possibly a 1000 years to wash empiricism from british blood.

#276363 - 16th Dec 2008 12:37pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: MissGuided]
_Ste_ Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 7th Aug 2005
Posts: 15987
Loc: New Brighton
good on em happy
bring more over i say, they work for less money and do a better job than any of you fools! snob

#276373 - 16th Dec 2008 1:19pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: _Ste_]
Sanchez Offline

Wiki Veteran

Registered: 17th Dec 2003
Posts: 8019
Loc: my house
Uncertainty or not knowing causes depression, Im happy because I know I'm going to die one day!

#276435 - 16th Dec 2008 7:56pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: Sanchez]
DavidB Offline
Wiki Guide

Registered: 7th Dec 2003
Posts: 5599
Loc: Bebington, Wirral
If you will read the Daily Mail and The Express, you will believe this bollocks. Immigrants haven't taken all the jobs.
"C20 LET bang"

#276437 - 16th Dec 2008 7:59pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: DavidB]
StuyMac Online   content

Wiki Master

Registered: 24th Nov 2003
Posts: 12002
Loc: Wirralshire
Unfortunatly I think they are only taking jobs most of the UKs retarded unemployed cant be arsed doing them themselves.

Rather than blaming Johnny Foreigner, maybe stronger methods need to be used to get the unemployed off their arse and back earning... think

It'd also keep more money / spending in the UK, as I belive the majority of foreign works send money back home and take it out of the UK..

What If There Were No Hypothetical Questions?

#287529 - 28th Jan 2009 9:59pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: ]
Northender Offline

Registered: 9th Jul 2008
Posts: 147
Loc: Birkenhead
Over the last 12 months, some extra requirements have been introduced for unemployed people.

After 13 weeks of claiming, you are required to sign weekly for 6 weeks and more recently there is a new rule requiring you to join 2 agencies to find work.

There are even more requirements if you are unemployed for 26 weeks.

It seems daft to introduce these rules at a time of rising unemployment. I know many people who have not worked for years, if at all. They are the people they should be chasing.

Edited by Northender (28th Jan 2009 10:00pm)
Edit Reason: Spelling mistakes


#287619 - 29th Jan 2009 9:17am Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: Northender]
Sanchez Offline

Wiki Veteran

Registered: 17th Dec 2003
Posts: 8019
Loc: my house
there is another one too, after 24 weeks if you havent found work locally, you have to agree to look for work across the contry.......
Uncertainty or not knowing causes depression, Im happy because I know I'm going to die one day!

#287677 - 29th Jan 2009 2:06pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: Sanchez]
Handbag Offline

Registered: 8th Jul 2008
Posts: 251
Loc: Egremont, Wallasey
Stories like that one make me angry... does nothing but fuel racism. The jobs that most of the migrant workers are taking are things that most of the unemployed people wouldnt touch with a bargepole. There is a something for nothing culture going on out there on many a deprived council estate where the unemployed wont do basic menial jobs because of their 'pride' a lot of them seem to think that they can access well paid semi-professional jobs without the educational qualifications and experience to back them up. I feel genuinely sorry for people who are unemployed who have gone down the education route and have tried to get jobs, but there are many many people out there who wont apply for a job that they dont like. Does a Binman really enjoy his job? God I've done many jobs that I have absolutely loathed... but at the end of the day the wages fed my kids, clothed my family and paid the bills!! I think that more unemployed people should see signing on and claiming benefits as being something to be done when there is no other option, not a lifestyle choice.

If our unemployed youngsters applied for the jobs that were available out there then migrant workers wouldnt be needed.

#287687 - 29th Jan 2009 3:16pm Re: THEY'VE STOLEN ALL OUR JOBS [Re: Handbag]
Shambo Offline
Wise One

Registered: 15th Jul 2008
Posts: 794
Loc: New Brighton
Why employers want migrant workers

The study explored the demand both for certain types of worker and for those with a particular immigration status.

* Employers surveyed believed that the physical demands of the jobs, long, unpredictable or anti social hours, and low pay and status were barriers to recruitment. They also identified retention as a significant problem. They were often trying to balance the requirement for workers who were easy to hire and fire on the one hand but who were also reliable and easy to retain.
* Employers and host families valued official labour immigration schemes (Seasonal Agricultural Workers and au pairs) because they not only helped solve recruitment difficulties, but also provided workers who were easier to retain and more likely to stay.
* Migrant labour was also accessed within the UK, including through active engagement with migrant networks and the use of agencies. In hospitality, and particularly in agriculture, agency workers were predominantly migrants. For some employers not having responsibility for checking immigration status was considered a significant advantage to using agency labour.
* Employers and host families valued migrants as high quality workers for low-skilled work. Their education and skills made them a desirable workforce. Employers often felt migrants were making trade-offs in accepting UK jobs because of low wages and lack of opportunity in their home countries.

"I've had doctors ... bit of a sad waste really, doing laddering work because it paid better than being a doctor back home." (Employer interview)

* Many employers preferred workers of particular nationalities - often over UK workers - based on ideas about "work ethic". They often expressed their preference for a particular type of labour in terms of nationality rather than immigration status.
* Most employers who admitted to "bending the rules" by employing migrants working outside the legal limits of their immigration status did not show much concern about government enforcement measures against such employment practices.

"There's times when you do twist it a bit … will you work an extra couple of hours, you know, nudge, nudge and so on." (Employer interview)


I belive employers are the driving force behind economic migration. Their obsession for higher profits don't take into consideration any social obligations, (such as minimum wages, sick pay, etc). Instead of calling them to account it seems more fashionable to either call the migrant workers wrong for wanting to work in the UK, or blame some mythical 'benefits sub-culture' for not filling the low paid, labour intensive jobs on offer.


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