AN EXTRA Wirral landfill site that could handle Merseyside’s waste has emerged – next to an area primed for a £1m makeover.

When Wirral Council agreed to allow Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service to go ahead with a public consultation, councillors were told of just five potential landfill sites.

However, the published list from MEAS includes a sixth – Bromborough Dock North.

The site is next to a landfill site currently being wound up. The Biffa-owned Bromborough Dock South tip is being filled with sand ahead of being landscaped into a £1m public park.

And its inclusion has sparked fears a new landfill will open just metres from the first.

Bromborough councillor Steve Niblock said: “It’s astonishing that this site seems to have come in at such a late stage in the process. The previous list didn’t include Bromborough, but another list has been published.

“If Bromborough Dock North is still on a list, it’s a potential site.

Cllr Niblock said he would be raising a petition against the site being used for a landfill.

Alan Jemmett, MEAS project director, denied the Bromborough site had been surreptitiously included in the final consultation.

He said the published list included only the top 30% of sites after they had been scored by analysts.

After the draft list was distributed to councils, some of the sites in the top third had to be removed because they had already been developed.

This meant sites – including Bromborough Dock North – which were just outside the top 30%, were kept in the list for consultation.

A council spokesman added: “Wirral Council only became aware of the additional site following MEAS’s publication of the final report for public consultation.

“We have notified residents at the proposed Bromborough site as we have with other potential sites as part of the normal consultation process.

“Wirral Council will consider all sites in its formal response to the consultation process.”