Hello, here is the spec of it

HPI Racing is proud to announce our latest Ready To Run Nitro car: the RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo! Aimed directly at the beginner-to-intermediate Nitro touring car market, this is an updated version of our Nitro RS4 3, packed with features designed to get new owners on the street or track faster and more conveniently than ever! With a more powerful engine, Roto Start System, 2-speed transmission, prepainted body and more, this is the RTR touring car of choice for any discerning new buyer!

The RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo uses the same chassis and major components of the Nitro 3 series. Preassembled on a 2.5mm thick purple anodized 6061 aluminum chassis, the RTR 3 Evo uses a durable shaft drivetrain with a removable radio tray. An HPI TX-2 radio, receiver and servos provide for a reliable and trustworthy electronics package.

The heart of the new and improved RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo is the brand new T-15 engine, providing more mid-range power and top end speed! A tall cast aluminum heatsink head on the T-15 keeps it cool and running smoothly, and the 2-needle carb allows owners to tune the engine precisely for their conditions. The included HPI Roto Start System lets the engine start up with push-button convenience! No more fumbling for a starter cord - just attach the glow plug igniter and Roto Start, hit the button and go! The T-15 breathes through a large pre-oiled air filter and our aluminum header/composite tuned pipe combo - a great way to get tons of power to the ground!

And we didn't stop with the new engine. Also installed on the car right from the factory is our 2 Speed Transmission! In addition to boosting top speed, our 2 Speed Transmission features an adjustable shift point and changeable gear ratios for extra tuning convenience. Now RTR Nitro car owners can experience the thrill of hearing and seeing their car shift from first to second gear!

Putting the power to the ground is a ball bearing-equipped durable shaft drive system featuring strong steel dogbones and sealed gear diffs. Oil-filled coilover shocks provide the suspension action and provide an extra bit of realism for full-size sports car fans.

Here are the major features of the RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo:

A shaft drivetrain prevents damage from pebbles and stones
Full-time 4WD provides great handling on any paved surface
Our brand new T-15 engine features a large heatsink head, 2 needle adjustments and ABC construction
A limited-slip front diff makes driving easy and predictable
The removable radio tray makes cleanup simple and quick
2.5mm countersunk chassis for a solid platform
Dual chamber tuned pipe and tube header
A complete set of rubber-sealed ball bearings
The proven Airtronics radio system keeps things under control
Pre-cut foam bumper keeps everything protected
D-Compound X-Pattern tires grip just about everywhere
Adjustable body posts let you fit a variety of HPI bodies
We wanted to make sure the car looks great, too, so topping off each RTR Nitro RS4 3 Evo is a prepainted, trimmed and decaled body, ready to go right out of the box.

Right thats the speil about it over. It comes with a prepainted BMW M3 touring car shell too!

All thats needed to get this running is a Glow plug charger, Roto start charger and some fuel.

Advisory parts (Not needed but will do):
New tyres or reglue currents,
O/S/R wheel castor is out, may need a new upright

Comes with the original box but no instructions.

Cost new £175

Price £120

Will add pics later today