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Campaigners against the Mersey Tunnel tolls are to step up protests after Dartford residents were told they could have huge discounts on their crossing.

The government ruled that those who live locally only have to pay 20 pence to use the Dartford crossing

This is a massive discount on the 1.50 fee that those travelling into the area must pay.

The Mersey Tunnels Users' Association claims similar discounts should also be available here.

Car users of the Mersey Tunnels pay 1.40 to cross beneath the Mersey.

Residents of Dartford and Thurrock will only pay 20 pence per crossing when the new rate of 1.50 is introduced for other travellers in the autumn.

John McGoldrick from the Mersey Tunnel Users' Association says it is unjust if the Government does not give similar discounts to users of all other crossings in Britain including the toll here.

The group plans to protest at the Liverpool entrance of the Birkenhead tunnel on Sunday, when the tube is closed for a walk.