MUSIC lovers could soon have MILLIONS of songs on their iPods thanks to an amazing breakthrough.

Scientists have found a way which dramatically boosts the memory of MP3 players and other gadgets while retaining their small size.

It means future iPods could store 150,000 times the number of songs they can hold now.

The current iPod nano carries up to 2,000 hits and the iPod classic, which has the biggest memory to date, can hold 40,000.

In theory it means buyers of the new gadgets could have some 300 MILLION songs to choose from.

Researchers at Glasgow University have created a miniscule switch which can squeeze up to one million gigabytes of memory on to one square inch.

The current maximum is about 3.3 gigabytes.

Professor Lee Cronin said: “What we have done is find a way to increase the data storage capabilities in a radical way.”

The so-called nanotechnology is being developed in conjunction with scientists at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory in Warrington, Cheshire.

The molecular switch is controlled by taking nanoparticles, each a millionth of a millimetre in size, and placing them on a gold or carbon surface.

The laboratory’s Dr Vin Dhanak said: “This research shows the potential is there for your future iPod to have hundreds of thousands times more capacity to store music and video than is currently possible.”

But he added that his team now faced the challenge of resolving “fabrication issues”.

SHOPS are set to slash the price of Apple’s iPhone by £100.


Both O2 and Carphone Warehouse will sell it for £169 just five months after it was launched at £269.

Carphone boss Andrew Harrison said: “The iPhone has changed the landscape.”

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