Lost Luggage : If you loose your luggage....

1. Report it a the airport. (This means fill in a Lost Luggage form)
2. A Airpot does have a responsibility to supply you with essentials. ( Toothbrush, soap, pants, to get you by until you get home).

3. After 21 days your bag can be declared lost. The law says a Maximum of 840 per person. Although an insurance policy may cover you for more than that (check it before you fly).

4. More and More people are enquiring about baggage cover than health cover? But be aware, that for example the problems with
Terminal 5 "Direct Line" were telling new customers from today that they would not be covered for any losses via Terminal 5 at Heathrow.

So if your getting travel insurance make sure you ask the right questions.

Hope that helps with anyone's journeys abroad.

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