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#216692 - 15th Mar 2008 3:56pm Wirral History : Index *****
Mark Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21086
Loc: Wirral
Wirral History : Index

We have found that a need for keeping all the information
in one place can help you as members, keep to the topics
you are interested in. We as moderators will try and keep this
A - Z updated for you. Enjoy.

Suggest you use CTL-F to find words within the index.

If your stuck, just post below and we will try and help
you find what your looking for, as not everyone can use
the search feature we have.

Who remembers... General History Chat

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#216697 - 15th Mar 2008 4:06pm Re: Wirral History : Index [Re: Mark]
Mark Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21086
Loc: Wirral
1926 General Strike
610 Squadron Exhibition - Fort Perch Rock
A day out?
Abandonded train station @ Singleton Avenue
Abbotsford pub Rock Ferry
Air Raid Protection
Air Raid Shelters
Alaric Romaine and the Tranmere Terror
Albert Dock 1980 and Wirral from across the mersey
Albert memorial industrial school
Alfred Dock Entrance Lock Area
Ancestors' Unusual Occupations
Anderson shelter
Appeal to 1950 RAF crash families
Ark Royal at Lairds
Arrowe Hall
Banger racing at New Brighton Tower ground
Battle of Bromborough BBC2 sat 8pm 3rd Jan
Battlements off the Wirral coast in Liverpool bay
Beirkeller, New Brighton
Bidston Aerodrome
Bidston HAA Gunsite
Bidston Hall
Bidston Hall Tunnel ?
Bidston Hill
Bidston Hill Carvings
Bidston hill club house
Bidston Hill Underground Tunnels Part 1
Bidston Lighthouse For Sale! ------- £150,000
Bidston observatory
Bidston Tunnels Part 2
Bidston Tunnels soon to be reopened???
Bidston's two airshafts
Bidton Station 1920
Big Hill (Pluto) New Ferry
Bird House
Birds House
Birkenhead "Bantams" 15th Btn Cheshire Regt
Birkenhead - Cammel Laird 1940
Birkenhead - Gas and Electricity Services
Birkenhead - Regiments, The
Birkenhead & Chester Advertiser Jubilee 1853-1913
Birkenhead Brewery Co. Ltd.
Birkenhead Brewery Price List 1961
Birkenhead Cattle Trade
Birkenhead Central Library 1909
Birkenhead Corporation Transport
Birkenhead Docks
Birkenhead Flyover
Birkenhead Health
Birkenhead Infectious Diseases Hospital
Birkenhead North/Laird Street Fire Station?
Birkenhead Park
Birkenhead Park
Birkenhead Park - The Cannons
Birkenhead Police Handbook
Birkenhead Priory
Birkenhead Public Baths
Birkenhead Sewerage
Birkenhead Town Hall Foundations
Birkenhead Tram System (1926)
Birkenhead Tunnel Cross Section
Birkenhead Tunnel Opening
Birkenhead war dead, etc
Birkenheads Hidden Bunker
Birkenhead's Music Halls
Bits and pieces in our homes (The Past)
Black and White photographs of Woodside Station
Blackout, The
Blue Plaques Of Wirral
Boat House and Swimming Pool at Parkgate, The
Bob Martins on Conway Street Birkenhead
Bombed Birkenhead
Bombers Over Merseyside, 1943 Booklet
Boode Memorial Breck Road Wallasey, The
Borough Rd flooded - early 60's
Borough Rd.
Borough Rd. Overflow tunnel
Borough Road College
Boys Lost in the Dee
Breck Road, Wallasey, Memorial
Brief History of Birkenhad, A
Brigadier Sir Philip John Denton Toosey
Brimstage WW2 Bombing Decoy
Bromborough Dock
Bromborough Pool
Bromborough Pool Village
Buildings you would like to see demolished
Built in Lairds
Burton Marsh WW2 060 OTU Practise Bombing Targets
Burton Marsh WW2 Bombing Decoy
Bus Tickets
Bus timetables
By Bus through the Wirral
Cammel Laird Motor ?
Cammell Laird built Submarines
Cammell Laird's 1940
Canal Link
Captains Pit, Hoseside Road
Cavendish School
Census 1911
Century of Local Government 1835 - 1935, A
Charlotte Road,Wallasey
Cheshire Lines Building
Childhood in Birkenhead, A
Children attack suffragettes in Liscard
Children in Poverty
Children's home on the Overchurch
Church of Christ/Park Christian Centre - FIRE
Cinder pitch, Bikenhead Park
Civil Defence & Air Raid Wardens
Clifton Park
Clocking on
Coffers Dam Disaster
Coinage in use before decimalisation in 1971
Connection with Bebington & the Royal Family, The?
Cutty Sark Race 1984 - Liverpool and Birkenhead
Dashley's Pies
D-Day Revisited
Deceiving the Germans
Decontamination units
Demolition of Oak and Eldon Gardens
Devoted Brother in Victoria Park, A
Diaries of a Wirral Man 1937 1944 & 1945
Did u know
Dock Road Flour Mill Fires, The
Does anybody Care ? Birkenhead
Dogging The Question
Dolphins at Guinea Gap Baths
Dr Stoop's Stone
Dr. Livingstone
Drome Birkenhead 1992-93-97, The
Dukes Terrace, Duke Street, Liverpool
Dunkirk Evacuation
East Float (Black n white photographs)
Eastham : Bear Pits ( Zoo)
Eastham Pillbox
Education Birkenhead Style
Education, Birkenhead 1877 - 1974
Education: have standards slipped?
Egremont, Wallasey
Ellesmere Port
Evacuation of Children
Every parent's nightmare in, 'A Restless Baby'
Family History Search
Favorite Sweet Shops/Sweets
Ferries at Rock Ferry
Fever Hospital : The Cellars
Fighting and Fortifications : Wiki Special
First Picture Show, The
Flaybrick Cemetery - Birkenhead
Flaybrick Cemetry Guided Walk
Flaybrick Hill 1815-2008
Flaybrick Mortuary Chapel
Flaybrick Reservoir
Flickr member with some interesting pics
Flour Mills - Birkenhead J Rank
Foot rail at bar
Ford Estate, The
Forgotten Hamlet of Newtown
Fort Perch Rock
Fortunatus Wright - The Pirate Of Wallasey
Fountain Garage (Herons) Rake Lane Wallasey
Four Bridges Hydraulics Tower 1892
Four Bridges opening - Archive Footage
Gags Hill Fair
Gallipoli The First Day
Gandy, The - Seacombe
Gas, Electric Meters etc.
Gautby Road Area
German Airman
German sub broken up in Birkenhead
Glassneven Terrace Mystery
Grand Declines: Welsh ruins and dereliction
Grange Rd Circus
Grange Road
Graveyard Etiquette
Graysons ship yard (Black n white photographs)
Great Culvert, The
Great Eastern
Great Float Flour Mills, The
Great Uncles WW1 grave.
Green Lane station
Grosvenor Ballroom in Wallasey
Grove Road Station
HAA Station 21 - Puddington
Hamilton Square Station
Haymarket, The
Heic Nemesis (The Devil's Ship)
Heswall Memories
Hilbre Island WW2 Bombing Decoy Bunker
Hillbark Mystery
History Behind Liverpool Street Names
History of the Wirral Peninsula
History of Mersey Tunnels Video
History of shopping in Seaview Rd
History of the Hundred of Wirral
History of Wallasey Churches
History of Wallasey Churches - Egremont
History of Wallasey Churches - Poulton/Seacombe
History of Wallasey Churches - Wallasey Village
History of Wallasey Local Government
History of Wallasey Village, The
History Of Wallasey's Horse Tramways - Part 1, The
HMS Birkenhead (The Birkenhead Drill)
HMT Leasowe Castle (Troopship)
Holt Hill Convent
Hooton Park
Horse Racing in Wirral
How to find your house history????
Hoylake Baths
Hoylake Decoy WW2
Hoylake railway
Hoylake's Lighthouses
I never knew that
Identity cards
Ilchester Square - The Dock Cottages
Index of English and Welsh Lunatic Asylums and Men
Index of Pictures
Interesting book
Interesting Dates and Information of Birkenhead
Interesting people buried at St Hilarys, Wallasey
Its a knockout 1968
J.Blake & Co. Ltd.
James Bond at Morpeth Dock ???
Jet fighter in Vyner Road South
Key dates in the history of Birkenhead
King's Parade Under Construction
Ladybird Swarm (1976?)
Laird family and Birkenhead, The
Laird Street Bus Depot underground tunnels
Laird Street Co-Op
Laird Street Memories
Lairds Drydocks & Basin 1940
Last reading of the Riot Act
Leasowe Hospital
Leasowe Lighthouse - excavation
Leasowe Lighthouse Excavation 2007
Leasowe Station 1900 Tradgedy
Lee Tapestry Works - Exhibition at Williamson Art
Lees Tapestries
Lees Tapestry Works exhibition
Leonard (Train Ferry), The
Letter from the widow of the Liberator Bomber Cras
Lever Brothers - Bebington Station 1910
Lever's Causeway
Leviathan 1909, The
Liberator explosion over wirral
Lieutenant-Colonel David Danger: Local hero
Liscard Hall No More
Liverpool - Blacklers
Liverpool - Goree Piazza and warehouses
Liverpool Arms Goree
Liverpool Central Station
Liverpool Overhead Railway - The Docker's Umbrella
Livingstone Street Baths
Local Characters
Local history books
Local history books
Lowther, Fox & craven street
M53 (+M531) - The History Of Wirrals Motorway
M53 Motorway, The
Magazine Village, Bromborough
Making way for Lairds?
Mansions of Wallasey : Around Grove Road
Mansions of Wallasey : Manor Road & Withens Lane
Mansions Of Wallasey : Vale Park
Mansions Of Wallasey : Wellington Road Villas
Marine Radio Museum, Fort Perch Rock
Market Street, Hoylake
Marks and Spencer, Liscard
Martin Parr -The Last Resort - New Brighton
Members Militaria Collections
Mersey Park (not the school the park)
Mersey Tunnel - Core Samples
Mersey Tunnel (Birkenhead)
Mersey Tunnel Railway 1883, The
Mersey tunnel.......Anyone know?
Merseyrail Map 1972
Merseyside’s Merchant Mariners Records go online
Mollington St. sheds - Train Sheds
Monkey Steps - Tranmere
Moorhouse Pop
Moreton Common Bottles
Moreton shore
Moreton WW2 Bombing Decoy Control Bunker
Morpeth Buildings Brook St
Morris Edwards
Murder of Alice Barton 1955
Mythical Mangles
Names found on Bidston hill
National Insurance
Near to Revolution
Neston Collieries
Neston Collieries
New Brighton - Derby Pool
New Brighton - Marine Lake Opening
New Brighton - Open Air Bathing Pool
New Brighton- 1949 - 1959
New Brighton Clubs in the 60s
New Brighton Double Child Murder
New Brighton Fair
New Brighton Ferry
New Brighton Harrison Drive
New Brighton Links, by Les Ward
New Brighton Model boating lake
New Brighton Palace
New Brighton Pier Youtube pictorial
New Brighton Station
New Brighton Story
New Brighton Story
New Brighton Tower
New Brighton Tower
New Brighton, Black n white photos
new brighton,lighthouse
New Ferry bus depot
New Ferry Bypass
New Ferry Park
New Ferry Park Air Raid Shelters
New Ferry Pics
New Ferry Pic's
New Ferry Shore, The
Northend Pictures 1950s Birkenhead
Of Time and the City
Old Birkenhead Market
Old Birkenhead
Old Birkenhead Pub Quiz
Old Chester Road
Old Days, The
Old Flaybrick Road
Old Liverpool Museum
Old Maps
Old Newspapers
Old old map - Flaybrick Hills
Old picture of liverpool
Old pop bottle tops
Old postcard
Old Postcards
Old stationary items
Old Wirral Street Furniture
Oldest ? in the Wirral
On Albion Street... (New Brighton)

Edited by uptoncx (22nd Nov 2011 8:05pm)

#219087 - 30th Mar 2008 2:34pm Re: Wirral History : Index [Re: Mark]
Mark Offline

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21086
Loc: Wirral
Original Bidston Hill Peg Windmill
Original Prenton Waterworks
Overchurch Graves Stones
Overflow Tunnel Borough Rd 1930s
Oxton & the Shrewsbury connection
Oxton abandoned military base
P-47 crash in Moreton
Parkgate Train Station
Parks and Gardens in the Archives
Pathe News
Petrified Forest near Meols
Picture of old cottages in Ness.
Piece of the Great Eastern (Ship) on Coast
PLATT - Wirral Colliery
PLUTO - The Big Hill, New Ferry
Possible Rooms Under Central Park?
Post box
Poulton Bridge Road 1906
Power supplies
Prefabs/New Ferry baths.
Prentons Roman Road - Strange Stones
Pub Price List 1960
Pubs in 1861 street directory
Pyramids Birkenhead, The
Queen Magazine, The
Queensway Tunnel
Queensway Ventilation Shafts
RAF Little Sutton
RAF West Kirby
Railways of Wirral, 1830s to present day, The
Real old videos of wirral
Red Noses New Brighton
Reformatory Ship Clarence
Remember when we used
Resources - BBC Archive site
Resources - Free Wirral Local History Book
Resources - historypin
River Mersey - Frozen - 1895?
Riveters at Lairds
Rock Ferry High
Rock Ferry Pics
Rock Ferry Pic's
Rock Ferry Pier
Rock Park
Rock Park Drain
Round House, Magazine Lane, Wallasey
Route of Death, The
Royal Iris and Royal Daffodil
Royal Ordnance Factory Hooton
Runcorn Docks
S.S. J Farley
Sadie's Shop Seacombe
Schools now gone bye
Sea Bank Cottages
Seacombe Ferry
Seacombe Parish Magazine, Sept 1941
Seacombe Railway
Seacome Train Station
Seaplane Station Rock Ferry
Shame on You, Wirral Council
Shopping in...Liscard
Shopping in...Liscard Village
Shopping in...Wallasey Road
Site of Neston library
Site of old pics, A
Skid Row, Market St B' head
Smith F.E. Earl of Birkenhead (1872-1930)
Smoke generators
Some Fireplace
Some more old piccys
someones redug the fever hospital cellars!!
Spital Dam
Spitfire Excavation - Birkenhead Park
Spring Street, Birkenhead
St Andrew's School, Bebington
St Andrew's Square
St Catherines Hospital - goodbye
St Caths
St Hillarys : The Tudor tower Wallasey
St James Magazine
St Johns For Sale
St Laurence, Beckwith Street
St Oswalds - Bidston Village
St Paul's Road
St. Mary's Church, Birkenhead
Stanlow Abbey
Starboard Light Club
Steam wagon water filling point's.
Stone Manganese
Stones in Field near Bidston Village
Storeton Hall
Storeton Tramway Relic
Street Parties
Sunday Dinner
Sunken Ship near New Ferry Baths
Surrender of U-Boats
T.S.S. Manxman
Targets for Luftwaffe Pilots
Tees Street
Telephone waiting lists
Tender Skirmisher, The
Thetis - Thunderbolt
Topographical Dictionary of Birkenhead 1848, A
Townfield pond
Tramways office Laird Street Birkenhead
Tranmere Beach Pics
Tranmere Beach Pic's
Tranmere Hall Estate
Tranmere Long Stairs to Ferry
Tranmere Rovers
Tranmere Tunnels - Inside the Shaft
Tranmere water tower
Tunnel from Oxton T.A to Noctorum Dell?
Tunnel pic
Under a spreading...
Underground Manchester
Unilever's Power Stations
Upper Stanhope Street
Upton Army Camp, Wirral.
Upton Hall Convent School
Used by commander - House
Vale Park, and New Brighton Tower.
VE Day
Video of Bidston Court dismantling - Hillbark
Videos of Wirral 1900 - 1970's and Others
Viking ship buried beneath Railway Inn
Viking-influenced Place Names of Wirral
Villages of the Wirral
Wallasey - Rhyl Hovercraft
Wallasey : Maps
Wallasey Ferries : The Beginings
Wallasey Hermit, The
Wallasey library
Wallasey news charter Extracts 1910 -1950
Wallasey Pool
Wallasey Road Milk Bar
Wallasey To Birkenhead 1980's
Wallasey Village
Walter Ernest Dexter, 1873-1950
War Time Coastal Defences
Warwick Street , Birkenhead
Water Tower - Pine Walks.
We are not alone - Darlaston
West Kirby Station
Western Approaches Headquarters Liverpool
Where did the name Nanny Goats come from?
which house did frederick bailey deeming live??
Who remembers the bath tallys from New Ferry baths
Who remembers the Donkeys in New Brighton
Who remembers... General History Chat...
Wiki News : Dreadful Shipwreck near Liverpool
Wikipaedia: Timeline of British history
Wilfred Owen
Windmills Of Wirral
Windmills Of Wirral
Windsor St - Street Party
Wirral - 1611 Map, The
Wirral - 1920's Cars
Wirral and The American Civil War
Wirral Archaeologist
Wirral Archives
Wirral archives
Wirral archives
Wirral Aviators 1910 to 1914
Wirral gun sites from the second world war
Wirral History and Heritage Assoc
Wirral History and Heritage Assoc.
Wirral History group meets
Wirral Horn, The
Wirral in the 70s
Wirral Journal, The
Wirral Museum
Wirral Past 1940 - 1950's Video
Wirral Past 1960 - 1970s Video
Wirral Pill Boxes
Wirral Show parade through Liscard
Wirral Steam Engine Companies
Wirral Urban District Council Letter
Wirral War Memories
Wirral words, phrases and sayings
Wirral's Castles
Wirral's Disappearing Maritime History
Wirral's Outdoor Pools
Woodchurch High School
Woodchurch Road - Ferries Milestone
Woodhead St
Woodside Ferry Terminal
Woodside Station
Work houses
Workmens Hall, Birkenhead, The
World Jamboree of Boy Scouts : 1929
Wreck off Hoylake, The
WUTH carpark
WW1 Birkenhead soldier( dead mans penny )
WW2 Home Guard
WW2 Magazine
WW2 Pipe Line Under The Ocean
WW2 Rationing
WW2 Searchlights
WW2 Thurstatston ( Heswall ) Bombing Decoy
Yelverton Road Tranmere

Edited by uptoncx (18th Nov 2011 12:47pm)
Edit Reason: Index updated
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Wow Wirral History is coming along Great! Wirral History

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#241941 - 6th Jul 2008 3:14pm Re: Wirral History : Index [Re: Mark]
BMW Joe Offline
Wiki Master

Registered: 30th Apr 2006
Posts: 12369
Loc: Birkenhead


100 Year Old Arrowe Park Trees
1889 Birkenhead Map
1947 - Outline Plan of Birkenhead
1947 'Plan'
1950ish Wirral Map
1997 Birkenhead Police Documentary On Youtube
Argyle Street 1900
Argyle Street, Birkenhead 1900s
Argyle Street, Birkenhead 1961
Argyle Street, Birkenhead 1962
Argyle Street South
Arno, The
Arno History
Barnston: Fox and Hounds
Beaufort Road
Bebington - The Brown Cow
Bebington Road
Bidston Church
Bidston Hill
Bidston Hill Windmill
Bidston Village
Birds Eye View of Old Parkgate
Birkenhead Freemasons
Birkenhead Library, Borough Road 1938
Birkenhead not so long ago book by Peter Reid
Birkenhead Park Station 1922
Birkenhead Park Train Station
Birkenhead Town Hall
Birkenhead Workhouse
Boat House, The Parkgate
Borough Hospital, The
Borough Road (1922)
Boys' Clubs in Birkenhead
Broadway, Wallasey Village
Bromborough Cross
Bromborough Pool
Burton Post Office
Cammel Laird
Cammel Laird 1998
Captain's Pit, Hose Side Road Wallasey
Central Hotel, Birkenhead
Charing Cross, Birkenhead 1960s
Check this out
Claughton Higher Grade School/Christ Church C of E
Conway Street, Birkenhead 1900s
Conway Street, Birkenhead c1915
Dead House, The
Did you know?
Duke Street Bridge
Duke Street - George & Dragon
Eastham : St John's Road
Egremont Seabank Road Wallasey
Fire Station, Exmouth Street
Flashback to 1960s for Old Codgers
Flaybrick Cemetery - Birkenhead
Flaybrick Cemetery - Roman Catholic Chapel 1878
Folly Lane, Wallasey
Four Bridges, The - Before and After Alteration
Frankby Road - Greasby
Gone, but not so long ago
Grange Road West 1930s
Grange Road West, Birkenhead 1930s
Grange Shopping Centre
Greasby Road
Grove Road, Wallasey
Halfway House Pub at top of Woodchurch Road
Hamilton Square
Hamilton Square Train Station
Help Trying to Date a Map
Heswall: Castle Buildings
Home Farm Road
Home Farm Road 2
Hotel California / Ormerod's Royal Castle Hotel
Hoylake Baths
Illchester Sqaure - The Dock Cottages
Kings Lane, Bebington
Kings Lane, Bebington
Kwik Save - Birkenhead North End
Lad who went Missing
Lady Lever Art Gallery
Laird Street c1906
Leasowe Lighthouse: Surrounding Area
Letter Boxes
Lever Brothers
Magnet, The
Mariners Home, The - Seabank Road
Maternity Hospital, Grange Mount, Birkenhead 1963
Mill Lane - Willaston
Moreton Cross
Moreton - Hoylake Road
Mount Road, Higher Bebington
Naylor Road Demolition Video on Youtube
Ness: Wheatsheaf
Neston: Cottage Hospital
Neston Institute (Civic Hall)
New Brighton pier in 1978. The sad ending
Now and then 2 and posterity to do (bucket) list
Observation Test - Pictures?
Old Advert for Modern Living
Old Birkenhead Churches
Old Birkenhead Pictures Featured On Youtube
Old Chester Road - Oval
Old English Café, The / Walker's Pub (1913)
Oldest House in Wallasey
Old Firestation, Whetstone Lane / Borough Road
Old Greasby
Old Hospital Photographs
Oldish Aerial Picture of Tunnel Entrance
Old Map (Date?)
Old Mill, The - Leighton Road,Neston
Old Photographs
Old Photographs on CH64 Website
Orangemans Parade Late 50's I think.
Palace Amusements (Wilkie's) New Brighton
Penny Bridge, The : A Century Apart
Perrin Hall
Pictures 1989/1990
Pictures of Wirral from the 80s! (Do you have any?)
Pinkies Tyere St
Pleasures Past Wirral DVDs
Possible Views from Tower Flats Liscard
Provincial Motor Cab Company (1914)
Queen's Arms Hotel c1910
Raby Mere
Rake Lane, Liscard
Random Old Photos
Rock Ferry
Rock Retail Park
Rodney street next to Argyle street South
Rose Mount Road
Royal Film Performance in Birkenhead
Salvation Army
Seacombe Ferry / Surrounding Area
Seacombe - Terminal
Seaview Road, Liscard
Seaview Road, Wallasey
Shops gone by
Site for Some Old Photos
Slatey Road, Birkenhead 1900s
Some Old Pictures
St Hilary tower views help to identify buildings
St Luke's Church Poulton
Storeton Woods Walk
St Pauls Church - Argyle Street (1906)
Streets and House Numbering
Sunnyfield Website
Thornton Hough
Thurstaston Camp Site SHAME
Tower Pub : Liscard
Tram - Church Road, (Tranmere?) 1926
Tram - Conway Street
Tunnel Service Entrance
Victoria Road, New Brighton
West Kirby Train Station
Where are these?
Where was this Taken?
Whetstone Lane c1910
Wirral Aerial Pictures 1989
Woodside - Ferry Terminal
Woodside Hotel Fire
WW2 Bombing Maps of Wirral
YMCA, Birkenhead

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Edit Reason: Updated - 23 March 2010
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#245623 - 3rd Aug 2008 5:09pm Re: Wirral History : Index [Re: BMW Joe]
BMW Joe Offline
Wiki Master

Registered: 30th Apr 2006
Posts: 12369
Loc: Birkenhead


168 Conway Street, Birkenhead
1911 Bookbinders
1924 British Everest Expedition
2nd World War Bomb Craters Across Wirral
Address please !
After a church is demolished
Albert Industrial School, The - Birkenhead
Alotments in New Ferry Park
Ancient stolpi stepping stones
And another request for help - Luftwaffe pilots
Anyone got any info or pics on Fishermans Wharf?
Anyone know...
Anyone remember........................
Arno, The
Artisans golf club
Astons Birkenhead
Astons was this a club
Attack on fort perch rock by skin heads.
Bath House in Rock Park
Battery to shock Mother Back to Life in the 1960's
Bebington to Speke tunnel
Bebington Wiend "log seat"
Bidston Avenue Primary - Hospital?
Bidston Hall
Bidston Steel Mill
Birkenhead Cemetery
Birkenhead Court Records
Birkenhead Dock Disaster 1909
Birkenhead Free Library
Birkenhead General Hospital
Birkenhead streets and other questions...
Black Horse Inn, Sandbrook Lane
Bolton Rd East/Shore Drive/Anzacs etc??!!
Bonks of Birkenhead park, The?
Borough Rd Tunnel
bottle digging
Boundaries Between New Ferry and Bebington, The
Bridge By Asda in Woodchurch...?
Broadway, Bebington.
Broughton Hospital
Building Firm from Wallasey Village
Building of the Birkenhead Flyovers
Bunkers Hill
Can you identify where these pics where taken from
Car Auction House on New Chester Road/Bedford Road
Carol Gardens
Chapel Place/Myrtle Street Birkenhead
Charing Cross
Charing Cross Club
Church Around Nelson Street
Co-op premises (Transport Depot) Cleveland Street
Craftsman club in Grange Road
Current one- Moreton stretch- large metal frame/
Dark and Macabre Past of ourFascinating Region
Dawstone Park, Heswall
D-Day Landing Craft on the Float, on Google Earth
Derby Pool Baths
Dibbinsdale Bank Lodge Bromborough
Dibbinsdale Road Bromborugh
Did anyone go to any Lairds launches?
Dock Road Wallasey
Does anyone know
Does anyone recognise ....
Does anyone remember
Does anyone remember the Chinese man/Laundry ?
Dr Poggi's Shelter
Duke St Police Man
East Float Dock
Fever Hospital, New Ferry..
Figure Eight Ponds
Flaybrick Help
Floating Pod that was in Birkenhead Docks .circa 1980
Ford Hill Toll
Fountains in Hamilton Square?
Garage Opposite Central Station
Gated Roundabouts
Gautby Road Mysterious Iron Rod
General memory questions.
Gourri Piazza?
Grand Central
Great Eastern Hotel
Green Lane Sweet shop Info wanted
Green Lane/New Chester Road flats
Gypsy camp in Tranmere
Hapsford buildings???
Harrison Drive
Help finding pictures of New Ferry
Help info birkenhead
Help New Brighton Tower grounds pubs
Help with Districts of Wallasey
Heswall Camp, Broad Lane
Heswall Poll Hill Reservoir
Heswall - World War II Machine Gun Factory
Hind St,Birkenhead
Hoylake Pub???
Hoylake station
Ian Boumphrey books and other Wirral books
Info on Cassini Past & Present Map
Inside Woodside Hotel Picture Needed
Josua and Daniel Street Seacombe?
Ju88 Shotdown and Crashed in field at Bromboro
June 6th - a day to remember
Just wondering if anybody knows what this is?
Kyber Pass
Laird street
Laird Street Memories
Laird's in 1930 somethings
Leasowe Embankment
Leasowe Road - Solar Campus/Heyes Drive
lilley white ?
Liverpool Clubs
Liverpool Technology Museum?
Local History Resources
Looking for a Company that was in Birkenhead
Magazine Brow Wallasey
Magnet Film - Locations
Mather Road in Claughton
Mere Hall Noctorum
Mersey Park School
Mersey Road, Rock Ferry
mill/cockfight ring bidston hill
Milton Road Area in Seacombe, Wallasey
Morpeth buildings
Mount Rd. Higher Bebington
My Old Lodge
Names of Two Shops in Prenton
New Brighton - 60s Memories
New Chester Road School
New ferry baths
New Ferry baths
New Ferry picture query
New Ferry shop - anyone know which?
New Palace - Wilkies Wonder Waltzer
Nomad AKA Norman Ellison
Oak & Eldon Gardens
Old Colonial Pub, The - Birkenhead
Old M53 Ford garage
Old Mount Primary School Site, The
Old Photograph, An
Old pictures of Woodchurch Estate?
Old roads/routes of wirral
Old School Cottage, Limekiln Lane, Poulton
Old Wirral Garages
Oldest pub
Oleo Works
Original Woodchurch Rd Railway Bridge.
Overchurch House
Palatine Road Estate Bromborough
Palm Grove Methodist Church
Paul Simon's Wirral gigs, 1965
Photos of Banning Street circa 1955-75
Photos of Parkgate with water and the Neston Mines
Photos of The middle of Bebington Road New Ferry
Pillbox or snuffbox with the name of Dale House
Pitt St & Limekiln Lane Tranmere
Prefab Four, The
Public drinking fountains?
Queens Hotel 1 Park Road East
Queens Theatre Poulton
Raby Old Hall
Rake Lane Upton Information Wanted Please
Residents Social Club Duke Street
Restaurant next to George and Dragon - Name?
River street social club
Rock Ferry Coach House Info Help???
Rock Ferry High School
Rock Ferry Hotel, The
Roundabout in Liscard
Royal Duke Pub, The
Royal Iris Bus
Rushton Court
Sally's cottage
Sandstone quarries Tranmere/Rock Ferry
Saughall Massie bridge
School on Old Chester Road (No's 197 & 195)
Scouting History on Wirral
Seacombe to Egremont - sea wall
Seacombe waterfront
Sent To The "Clarence"
Signing on the Dole early 60s Albion Street
Sketch of Lairds 1860
Smallpox Hospital New Ferry
Smallpox outbreak
Smugglers cave in Heswall
Spray Dryer - Lever site
St Josephs Dingle Road Tranmere
St Mary's Church Eastham
Stanley Avenue/WW2 Rocket Site
Steam engine water meter
Steam Laundry in Birkenhead
Stock car racing
Stork Villa Pub in Rock Ferry
Swasie turner
Tank traps
Taylor Ancestor
Taylors Villas 1874 any info?
Tower by Upton Station
Tragic Death at or around Arrow Park in the 1960's
Train on Lowloader
Tram Trial At Birkenhead (about 2003)
Tranmere Water Tower
TRFC Boxing Day match - 1960's
Trying to remember something from my childhood...
Up our Lobby
Upton (Wirral) Railway Station
Upton Storm Water Tanks
Vaughan Street, Birkenhead
Victoria Hotel
Volunteer Drill Sheds
Wallasey Bomb Damage
Wallasey Gala
Wallasey Waterworks Tower
Want a pic of an entry or jigger
Well Lane Primary School
Were any artifacts found building the M53
Were you Evacuated?/URL]
[url=http://ww...ower Bebington

West Kirby railway sidings.
What are the holes in dock walls for
What did Wirral Tandoori Bromborough used to be
What does this represent ?
What ever happened to..,.
What is this - near woodside
What is this structure?
What used to be the other side of the bridge
What was demolished here
What was this place?
What was this?
Where is this pub?
where Yates's is now query
White Lion Inn, Tranmere
Who has lived in your house
Who remembers New Ferry Baths?
Wirral Archives Service
Wirral Champion Article Hoylake Rail Incline
Wirral Past DVD's
wirral smuggling
Wirral tours
Wirral Turnpikes
Wirral way ,Neston cutting
Witches Cauldron, The
Woodchurch Farms
Woodchurch Rd. Old Street Lamps.
Woodchurch Village
Working mans club New Ferry
WW2 Remains
Yesterday's Wirral Books

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Fort Perch Rock
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Borough Road Overflow Tunnel
Overflow Tunnel - Borough Road
Flaybrick Mortuary Chapel
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Birkenhead Central, 1909
Birkenhead Town Hall Foundations
River Mersey - Frozen - 1895
Marriots (Lowther, Fox & Craven Street)
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Complete History Index update 26/06/2009
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Next Index update?

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Now and Then forun is now indexed


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