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The Anglo-Dutch oil firm Royal Dutch Shell has reported record annual profits for a UK company.

Its profit measured by current cost of supply was $27.56bn (13.9bn) for 2007, beating its own 2006 record of 12.9bn. Much of the rise in profits has been attributed to rising oil prices, which currently stand at about $91 a barrel compared with $57 this time last year.

But there is concern among analysts that Shell has delayed publishing figures showing its oil reserves.

The oil reserves figure, which shows whether Shell found enough oil in the ground to replace the amount it was taking out, will not be published until the spring.

"The market really has taken this to imply that the figures aren't going to be great," said Nick MacGregor, an oil analyst from Redmayne Bentley.

"If they were that good Shell would be telling the world about it now."

Now maybe they can reduce the cost of diesel by a penny or two lol...

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