P O R Fabrication
Unit 5a
28a Wellington Road
CH43 2JE
0151 653 8457

At P O R fabrication we pride ourselves on achieving the imposible and on proving people wrong.
We use the latest design technology to build custom cars to the highest standard possible,
we utlise the latest producton techniques, blended with the old skool craft
need to get a quality finish on any project we help build.
We only help build the project, it is you, the customer,
who has the ideas to get the project started, and it is you who has the final word on any work done.

Nothing is too big or too small.
At P O R fabrication, we know what a difference that every part makes,

We have the technical know-how to help you along the way with your project.
And to help you make the right decisions.
We are able to fabricate out of any metal, including alloy, stainless steel,
and for the serious builder, chromemoly steel.
All our custom roll cages are made of CDS11 (seemless tubing)

For show use, then alluminium will be used.
If stronger material than CDS11 (for race use),
is needed we can fabricate using chromemoly.

Fiberglass boot install for your ice?
From your idea to your finished result.
Custom Fiberglass the way you want it.

Engine Transplant?
Need a Skyline engine to fit into a Saxo?
It can be done.

For any enquiry's please contact POR

Office: 0151 653 8457
Mobile: 07782115130
Or email us at: paul.porfabrication@ntlworld.com

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