Just got an email from PC World:

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Purchased from PC World stores and PCWorld.co.uk between December 2006 and September 2007

This announcement does not relate to other Maxfield phones. We have become aware that the 2 pin to 3 pin mains adapter supplied with this product has the potential to cause an electrical or fire safety risk.

Note: the labels on the underside of the Base Unit and inside the Handset battery compartment state: "Model: DECT PHONE for Skype".

As a precautionary measure, we are asking owners to stop using the phone immediately, switch off the mains socket and unplug the product from the electrical supply.

Please return the product to any PC World store for a full refund. Please return all the components/accessories especially the 2-3pin adapter. If possible, please bring with you the receipt or other proof of purchase (such as credit card statement). If you purchased the product as a present or no longer own the phone please pass this notice to the new owner.

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