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Channel 4 saw its weekly all-hours audience share drop to 7.31% last week - its lowest percentage since 1992.

The channel's average weekly audience is 8.96%. Last week, Five's weekly share was 5.24%, BBC Two's was 7.95%, ITV1 managed a 19.83% share and BBC One had 22.11%.

Channel 4 managed a weekly audience of 7.53% during December 1992.

A Channel 4 spokeswoman told Broadcast: "All terrestrial channels are feeling the pressure of declining ratings as digital penetration increases, and performance should be seen in this context. A single week isn't a reliable way of measuring performance."

Channel 4 stated that it had grown its share of the total TV market across its portfolio, up by 14% from 2003, compared to the other terrestrial channels.

I think its about time for this channel to call it a day to be honest, its been in rapid decline for the past 5 years and will be operating on equity by 2011, with bankruptcy predicted before 2015.

Someone really needs to put them out of their misery!!

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