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Microsoft is cutting the price of its Xbox 360 video game console in Europe, weeks after doing the same in the US.

From 24 August, the 20 gigabyte hard drive model will cost 349.99 euros in the eurozone, 50 euros less than now.

In the UK, the price will fall by 30 to 249.99 as Xbox bids to win over family users attracted to the Nintendo Wii with its motion-sensitive controls.

Microsoft is also facing stiff competition from Sony, which cut the price of its Playstation 3 last month.

Microsoft also revealed plans to launch a larger, 120 gigabyte model, the Xbox Elite, costing 449.99 euros in the eurozone or 299.99 in UK shops.

I see the Wii is approx less then 1 million unit sales behind the Xbox360 now, Microsoft are about to lose thier crown as number 1.

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