Once again..Oulton Park...Racin this Saturday chaps..its gettin enar the end of the season..only 3 more events left...everyones gunnin for positin now..meanin fantastic racin..and at 12..ur gettin na bargain (More actual racin and overtakin in one race than an entire season of F1)..so..checklist for this weekend is...:

BRSCC Club Formula Ford NW Championship 1
BRSCC Club Formula Ford NW Championship 2
Ford XR Challenge
MG Cockshoot Cup Championship
Mighty Minis Championship
Super Mighty Minis Championship
BRSCC LMA Euro Saloons

Now with the likes of Minis, escorts and Fiestas racin..id have thort there would be some Interest..come on down and give us support..Phone in Sick from work or something....and if your cars in bits (Joe) see if anyone will give ya a lift..may as well enjoy the last of the summer...cos its not gonna last long..and hopefully itll be dry and sunny..bring Mates..Wifes..Gfs...Kids..everyone..itll be well worth it