Before ye all say they got em on flebay, they are from Hong Kong, and I dont fancy spending 50 on one and finding it fooked and having to send it back to Hong Kong.

So this is a long shot (this phone was exclusive to China, not sold anywhere else), but ye never know.

Lookin for one in "as new" condition, dont want all scratches etc on it. Also, I dont want the cheap plastic tat that some people try n sell off, it has to be a proper 8855 (I have had an 8850, I know the difference between the 8850 with a black case and a real 8855) and it also has to have the proper chrome buttons and magnesium alloy casing.

Here is some pics of what they look like:

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

If ye see any about lemme know!

Cheers thumbsup