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A high-spec "Wii 2" games console could be on the shelves "in a couple of years", according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.

The comments come after Scott Steinberg, Sega vice president of marketing, revealed he believes the Wii will be "dated" in a couple of years.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz, Pachter said: "I think that a lot of people consider the Wii a "fad", and attribute that conclusion to the type of people who have been attracted to the Wii so far."

With asked for his comments on Steinberg's claims that developers are reaching their limits when it comes to the Wii's remote control, Pachter said, "I can't begin to imagine what is on the drawing board for the Wii, but I can say that most developers I've spoken with are extemely excited about the potential for the console... I believe that we've only just scratched the surface.

I personally think there might be a WiiHD or similar launched in a few years, which will act as not only an HD unit allowing developers to released HD games, but mainly as a standard Wii console, accepting all the current standard Wii games.

I can't see an actual replacement for the console being released before 2011, the current Wii is selling so well for Nintendo, they wont want to change things or do anything that might shorten the life of the current console. Also, one has to remember that the Wii was designed totally around gaming from the start, Nintendo arnt interested in the war for graphic superiority, as graphics arnt selling consoles and instead losing the likes of Microsoft and Sony millions at present.

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