For Sale : 3 Televisions

Hi and welcome to my Sale of 3 televisions.
They all work without any problems.
They all have scart sockets too.

1. 21" Bush Tele tex TV (Silver)
2. 14" Daewoo Teletex Portable TV (Clear see through Green)
3. 14" Orion Portable TV (Blue)

21" Bush Tele Text TV (Silver)
It comes with the remote control, and has 2 scart scokets
at the rear, and L R Video at the front.
It comes with Fast Text, and works fine wink

14" Daewoo Tele Tex (Clear Green)

Also has a SVHS Mode Along with Scart.
Fast Text - Sleep Timer - Various view modes.
Its a weired but smart looking TV as the remote and the TV are
see through, you can see all the internal workings.

14" Orin Portable TV Blue
Its just a TV this one.
NO tele text or remote with this one.
But if you like watching TV up close then this is for you,
as you can reach forward and change the channel manually.

Need to get rid of these due to upgrades in the home.
I'm Looking for 60 for all 3.
You know your going to pay at least 40 for a Protable.
You can see them all working before you buy wink

Audio / Video leads (See Picture)
And what the hell lets go mad and throw in a 4 way extension too.

So 60 to the first person.
Questions below wink

Pictures are from my camera phone frown

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