Listing these on behalf of vectravxr as his comp is knackered atm, too some photos of the bits he is wishing to get rid of:

- A Vauxhall Vectra, the engine is goosed so spares or repair only. Non starter, so it will need to be towed.

- A set of close spoke alloys, not sure on the size think their 16's.

- A vextra spoiler (is it an SRi I cant remember what he said)

- A vectra exhaust (cant remember what he said about it, its quite loud though)

- An unfinished Nova bad boy bonnet (no dents or any damage to it)

- Various Nova parts including side skirts, boot etc...

- A vectra standard grill

He is open to offers for all parts, PM me with any offers or if you need any info and I will find out for ye until he gets his comp sorted. Some pics below for reference.

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