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Media regulator Ofcom has delayed the next stage in the process of selling-off the analogue spectrum made available by digital switchover.

The 'digital dividend' review, which has been under consultation from December until March this year, received the second highest number of responses for a consultation after the review of advertising high fat, salt and sugar foods to children.

Terrestrial broadcasters are keen to hold onto spectrum for new free-to-air high-definition television channels in the future, while the mobile operators are keen to acquire space to extended mobile TV services.

The revised timetable reflects the extra time the regulator needs to study the high number of responses. An outline of the auction was to be published in the summer, but this will now be made available in the autumn.

The news comes as the sale of new mobile phone spectrum - part of the 3G expansion - has also been delayed until early next year.

Well hopefully this will help broadcasters and multiplex owners think before the invest billions they wont make back like the phone companies did with the 3G licences.


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