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CCTV cameras will be used in Sheffield to spot drivers clogging up the city's bus and tram lanes.

Any offending motorists could face fines of up to 60 once the cameras are introduced next month.

Council chiefs believe about 5,000 vehicles each day are abusing the lanes in Hillsborough alone.

Those behind the scheme said they hoped it would make the city's buses more reliable and encourage more people to use them.

To be honest, before everyone jumps on the bandwagon of "its just another tax by the government/council" and "its stupid", think about it. The bus lanes are there for a reason. There is always muppets who think they are special and can jump the queues around here and it does my head in.

The only people this will affect is people who use the bus lanes illegally (I use them locally, but only during the times one is legally allowed to).

Its about time they cracked down on smaller things like this. At least it won't be using police resources either!

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