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Cable & Wireless has served an injunction against a former executive following the theft of a 100,000 customer database, the BBC has learned.
The injunction orders Seemab Zafar to hand over any part of the database of former subsidiary Bulldog, including names, addresses and financial details.

Ms Zafar, from London, denies that she holds any part of the database.

A BBC investigation has established that the database had been illegally used by call centres in Pakistan.

The call centres tricked customers into handing over credit card details.

Absolutely disgusting imho, im glad I left Bulldog (or as I like to call em after all their downtime when I was with them, Bullshit) when I did, I wouldnt want people to generally have a hold of my details!

And to think they just unbundled the Arrowebrook exchange today, if you are thinking about Bulldog, think again, dont go near them.

CWC got rid of them for a very good reason!!

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