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Sky has announced on the Digital Spy forums that it will scrap the 10 monthly subscription charge for its Sky+ PVR service from July 1.

The announcement by the Sky+ team confirms that the Sky+ charge "will be removed for all Sky Digital customers subscribed to any Sky Digital package" at the start of July. Sky HD customers are not affected, as the 10 Sky+ fee is already "waived", and should a Sky+ owner cease subscribing to a Sky Digital package they will have to resume paying the 10 per month charge to continue to access the Sky+ functionality.

Sky told our forum members: "Many of you have said that you want Sky+, but to get it, it needs to be more affordable. We believe that by removing the Sky+ subscription cost for Sky Digital customers, it will mean that more of you are able to enjoy the benefits of Sky+."

Ive been waiting for this announcement since it was rumored to be happening about 4 months ago. An excellent move forward by Sky imho, this will enable people who couldnt previously afford the extra charge to get Sky+, it will also allow users like me to remove Sky Sports during the summer when there is no football on (atm I leave it on there as Sky waive the Sky+ fee if you have Sky Sports or Sky Movies).

I think Sky+ will soon become a "standard" service, and the usage will possibly be as high as more then 50% next year, whereas currently its around the 25% level.

It will also act as a killer application in the current war with Virgin Media, who charge 15.00 per month extra for their "V+" service, and will possibly help Sky finally push past the 10 million subscriber barrier.

So now (subject to the charge for the Sky+ box, ye can get it down to 49, then the 40.00 charge for the Broadband activation), one can get all the following:

- Sky Digital
- Sky+ PVR service
- 2Mbps Broadband

All for 15.00 per month! Thats one hell of a deal to me. Next thing to be released will be Sky's phoneline rental service.


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