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Sky has revealed its third quarter results, showing over 2 million of its customers now have its personal video recorder, Sky+.

The company added 199,000 customers to the service, bringing the total to 2.167 million, 25% of the Sky customer base.

Overall the company saw net additions of 51,000 customers, a rise of 28% year-on-year to 8.49 million.

Though its "See, Speak, Surf" promotion added 340,000 customers in the third quarter, its churn rate - the percentage of customers leaving Sky - leapt from 11.9% to 13.7%.

Despite this, its Arpu - the average revenue per user - grew by 12 over the quarter and 11 over the year, to 406.

Lol the average revenue has grown by 11 per customer.... jeeze that is gigantic!

Sky+ is certainly worth the money in my opinion, if you watch a decent amount of TV it makes it so much better.


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