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The Football Association has explained its allocation of FA Cup final tickets.

Finalists Chelsea and Manchester United have each been given 25,000 tickets, with a further 17,000 seats taken by Club Wembley members on 10-year leases.

The remaining 23,000 tickets will go to other clubs alongside grass roots and other football organisations.

A spokesman said: "The final belongs to the whole country, it's also a chance to reward the thousands who give up their time and energy to football."

So we spend nearly 1billion building a new national stadium, which was aimed to allow more fans to watch cup finals etc, and then the FA go and make sure almost half the fans (probably in the region of half the fans after some of the clubs allocation have been given to sponsors) arnt even there to support either club.

I think its a disgrace, there should be at least 35,000 tickets going solely to the fans of each club, with the extra 20,000 going to other clubs, sponsors and UEFA.


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