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Computer giant Dell will start to sell PCs preinstalled with open source Linux operating systems, the firm has said.
The second largest computer maker in the world said it had chosen to offer Linux in response to customer demand.

Earlier this year, 100,000 people took part in a Dell survey. More than 70% of respondents said they would use Linux.

Well, I can't say I am that surprised, it was only a matter of time, especially after people claiming upwards of 50 a pc back off them for not accepting the Windows XP terms and conditions and claiming they should be given the option to have no OS pre-installed.

However, I still can't see any decent place for Linux in the home enviroment, yes its free and funky, more stable then Windows, and of course less suseptable to virus's (in the fact it isnt affected by Windows virus's, but as someone who runs many servers with Linux installed, I an say for sure it has a huge amount of virus's targetted at it).

Personally I would rather just get Windows installed. I can see the difference in price being around the 25 mark. With Linux you get an almost user infriendly GUI, which runs a limited amount of regular applications and is best operated via the command line. For the saving, its not worth it. There is the argument that once could save the money and get a pirate copy of Windows to use, but again for the saving its really not worth it, due to the fact that pirate versions of Windows are becoming more and more work to keep updated and hacked to run the latest software improvements that Microsoft has to offer.

Its a step in the right direction to pushing Microsoft down a few notches, but they "really" need to work on the Linux GUI and compatability first. Lindows was a good attempt, but ultimately failed due to instability, even though they were taken up by somne rather major manufacturers (Gateway in the US and Evesham in the UK iirc for instance).

I rekon they will offer a dist like Mandriva (Mandrake) personally.


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