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First a small disclaimer : the massive fluctuations in the price of copper is a major headache to all industries. While every effort is made to pass as little on in the way of price increases to the consumer use the pricing as a guideline.
Apologies in advance, for up to date pricing on any of these kits please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.


Amp Kits. Top quality professional grade kits, I swear by them!

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Image: 0AWG quad kit.
Kits typically contain: 4awg amp wiring kit - 960W
5m x silver power cable with waterproof AGU fuse holder & 80A fuse, 1m x blue ground, cable 5m remote, 5m phono cable, Cable ties and installation accessories.

CNK10 10awg amp wiring kit - 360W 19.95

CNK8 8awg amp wiring kit - 720W 34.95

CNK4 4awg amp wiring kit - 960W 45.00

CNK4D 4awg dual amp kit - 75.00

CNK00D 0awg dual amp wiring kit - 2000W 120.00

CNK00Q 0awg quad amp wiring kit - 3000W 150.00

Power Kits

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Image: 0AWG primary power kit typically includes - 5m +ve cable, 1m Gnd terminal(s), and fuse.

CNKP88 8awg primary power kit [silver or blue] 17.95

CNKP44 4awg primary power kit [silver or blue] 29.95

CNKP22 2awg primary power kit [silver or blue] 49.00

CNKP00 0awg primary power kit [silver or blue] 80.00

CNKPC8 8awg primary power cable [silver or blue] 11.95 CABLE ONLY

CNKPC4 4awg primary power cable [silver or blue] 21.95 CABLE ONLY

Power Capacitor Kits

Kits below include:1m x power, 1m x ground, 1m x remote, 1 x pre-charge resistor, Terminal pack, Installation instructions

CNK08B 8awg PowerCap wiring kit 12.00

CNK04B 4awg PowerCap wiring kit 25.00