I am selling these but i am alittle unsure on a price so i will chuck them up here but will end up putting them on ebay as i dont really know the value.

There are

Front and rear bumper from my s13 facelift.

The front one has small scratches and the bit in the pic is where i i just cut the alittle as the bolts where all buggered.

Would be fine with bigger washers.

The standard wheels in good condition.

The blitz blow off valve is in good condition works fine has got a mark/scrathes on which you can see in the pic and some of the paint on the hot pipe has come off but it works fine.

The blue dumpvalve is the one i got with the car but is a none piston type which kept making the car stall so i bought the blitz instead.

I have just bought a bodykit and i am in the middle of putting a fmic on the car so all this stuff isnt need but works fine.

drifting drifting and yet more skidding