The best lighting system available for interior and exterior of cars, bikes and your home.

The system a networked or standalone, and produces over 2.1 million colours, and dozens of effects which can be audio source controlled, and the colours are completelt customiseable.

Unlike many of the cheaper kits, the ICELED light sources use military grade components and fully regulated on board power supplies meaning they last longer, a minimum lifespan of 100,000 hours.
Most of the light sources are completely waterproof, and the tubes are made from Lexan, which can be run over at 30mph and still not break!

The undelighting kit also has a street legal mode with white at the front, red to the rear, and amber at the sides.

Video of UFO in demo:]

and at Belguim tuning show 2004

There are several inerior lighting applications for ICELED there is a plug and play GEM (not waterproof) It will fit as a direct replacement for the 1.5" long 5 or 10 Watt lamp found in many automotive interior lights, and as with all ICELED sources will cycle through the 2.1 million colour specturm all on its own, amd it can be frozen on one colour and remember that colour for next time.

Other source are the Spot and Flood, which will provide a directional highlight or a wash of colour respectively


Flood in use:


There are tubes ideally suited to footwell and engine bay lighting called Tron, a 6" tube with all the usual ICELED functions.

Scanner, like KITT x 2.1 million!

To control all these goodies there are three controllers
ZAP+ - 1 zone 4 programmes, wired remote
ZEN - 4 zone 11 programmes, IR remote + display
UFO - UFO controller 4 zone 11 programmes, plus door open and alarm inputs. IR remote + display

ICELED ZAP is a compact controller with some very powerful features. It provides an inexpensive means for controlling one or more ICELED light source(s) where the built-in standalone function doesn't provide enough control.

Using just two buttons you can easily dial-up any static colour, produce a phasing colour sweep, get colour change to music beat (using the built-in microphone) or create a strobe effect that has a variable flash-rate and also responds to sound.

Standby/Bypass Effectively turns off light-sources by blacking them out or passes through external ICELED data if present

* Static colour Provides fine-tuning of any particular hue or shade

* Phasing colour Automatically creates smooth sweeps through one of four different colour ranges

* Beat to colour Sequences random colours in time with an audio beat, with adjustable fade-out

* Strobe Produces maximum intensity flashes in time with an audio beat or from an adjustable time-base

ICELED ZEN provides a powerful new way of controlling any number of ICELED light sources by dividing them into zones. Each zone can be wired to correspond to a separate area inside or out. Ten different programmes can then be selected to provide an independent arrangement of contrasting colours and effects in each area.
Effects include colour sweeps, sound activation of various properties and synchronisation with UFO if connected.
All programme selection and adjustment takes place by remote control which allows the Electronic Control Unit to be located out of sight wherever it is most convenient to install it. ZEN uses the same directional remote control system as UFO so one handset can be used to operate both systems simply by pointing at the appropriate remote display.
A separate connection allows ZEN to be activated by an external circuit so that the light sources automatically switch-on to a preset configuration - for example whenever a door is opened.
If four zones is not enough additional ZEN controllers can be wired together to expand the number of zones available. The same 10 programmes can then be used produce an even greater variety of lighting combinations.

Click on any of the features highlighted below for more information

Digital effects creation using over 2 million colours
Remote control of all functions
10 Different Programmes plus strobe
Automatic cross-fade between programmes
Sound reactive via internal mic or stereo line-in
Automatic switch-on programme with delay
Connects to all ICELED light sources including Tubes
Expandable with additional controllers
Integrates with ICELED UFO
Programmable via optional PC interface
Electronic protection
Rugged and reliable

ICELED UFO is a highly advanced underbody lighting system that provides everything required to create the ultimate in ground lighting effects. The Electronic Control Unit animates individual pixels in each of four ICELED tubes to project bright, multi-coloured patterns wherever you go.
An unprecedented degree of control over colour gives you the ability to style each of the patterns to suit your own individual tastes.
Incredibly, all that is seen of the system once it has been installed is a discrete remote LED display module that shows ECU settings and receives commands from a wireless IR handset. The ECU is hidden away wherever it is most convenient to install it.
Providing a remote control for all functions as standard means that the system can be operated equally well from both inside and out.

Digital pattern creation using over 2 million colours
Remote control of all functions
10 Different Pattern "templates" plus strobe
Colour palettes for all patterns and strobe
Sound reactive via internal mic or stereo line in
Door switch programme
2 four foot tubes + 2 three foot tubes
Expandable with extra tubes
Networks with other ICELED light sources
Simple three-wire interface
Electronic protection
Rugged and reliable

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