Could you help with the running of our forums?
If so we would like to offer you the position of a Moderator.
And become part of our team.

If you think you can promote a forum and keep it alive and interesting then you may be who we are looking for. If there is a subject your interested in but we don't have one then let us know and we can make one for you wink

A Moderator needs to be :
1. A Team player
2. Can keep there forum alive (New Topics / banter)
3. Can be diplomatic.
4. Can keep there forums with in our rules.

We would like it if you can use our forum software but not essential as we can show you anything your stuck with. And a active e-mail address this is so you can be notified of any reported posts in your forums.

If your interested in becoming a moderator, please send a pm to me Mark and we can take it from there wink Include any forums we have you think you can help with, or a new one if we dont have one.

we can offer free forums to local groups on the wirral? Local football teams, Ghost Hunters, etc drop me a pm for more information wink