Guide : Unblock / Align your Windscreen water Jets.

Have you ever suffered from your water jets
squirting water the water in the wrong place?
Do They seem under powered ? (Blocked).
Then maybe this simple guide will help.

Its worth noting that in cold weather,
it is possible that the water jets have simply
frozen, check for ice on them, before you
make the job bigger than what it is.

It shouldnt take more than 5 mins, to do these tasks.
And even a novice should be able to complete these tasks
without too much trouble.

This guide was used on a Ford Fiesta
so there me be some differences with different
manufactures but the principle is the same.

Re - Align the Front Windscreen Water Jets

Tools for the Job
1. You need a needle or a pin.
2. Plenty of water in your water bottle.

Re - Align the Front Windscreen Water Jets

If you look closely at the water jets on your bonnet you will
see that they have 2 or 3 holes in them.
These can be adjusted higher lower left and right.
All you do is put a Pin inside the hole and move the
pin to the required angle.

1. Insert a pin..
2. Use the pin to show you the correct angle.
3. Use the pin to adjust the height,

Remove the pin and test the water again.
Does it hit in the right place? Adjust again.

NOTE : If you are doing a lot of motorway driving,
bare in mind that at higher speeds the air flow will
make the water hit the screen lower than you have set it at.
So there is a balance to be met.

FUN : Turn one of the Jets to the side?
When you use them next you can soak anyone in there path.


Unblocking the water Jets Front Screen
If dirt was to get into the water line, where you fill it up
these could get into the narrow pipes that carry the
water from the bottle to the jets.

The Jets have a tiny holes and the blockage is more than
likely to happen there. If your lucky you can prise out any
dirt from the jets by using the "pin". (See above).
Donít forget to reset them again as your more than likely
to move the angle of spray.

Still blocked or poor water power
If you couldnít resolve the problem via the jets your going
to have to go under the bonnet of your car to detach
the hose and clear the blockage.

So lift up the bonnet and secure it.
Some bonnets have a covering that will have to be removed
to access the water pipe going to the jets.

This image is from a diffrent car, but shows how
the pipe work connects to the waterjet feed.

Remember to fill up the water bottle.
You can follow the pipe feed up to the bonnet.

Once you have removed the covering if there was one,
and look at the pipe going to the water jets.
Normally this is just pushed on with out any clips but
be aware that there may be a small clip holding it on too.
Remove the clip if any and pull the pipe away from the
water jet housing. Look at the water jet housing and
check for any scum or a more solid blockage. Again the
friendly pin comes into play again, Have a check around
to see if there is anything you can drag out.

Before you put the pipe back onto the water jet housing,
run the screen wash for a few seconds to flush the pipe.
If it looks like there isnít anything blocking it you
can push the pipe back on to the water jet housing.

Close the bonnet to test if the water jets are back to full power.

If so connect any clips that were holding the pipe onto
the water jet housing. Check that you havenít pulled the
pipe away from any of its securing points. (Follow the pipe towards the bottle).
Put back any coverings that lined the inside of the bonnet.
Press the bonnet down nice and hard. Finally check the
alignment of the water jets see above for how to do that.


Unblocking the Rear Water jets Back window
Note this example is taken from a Ford Fiesta
and Manufactures may differ.

The first thing that was noticed was that there
were no adjustments on the jets?
They were pre moulded and no adjustment so there
are in this case no angles that can be adjusted.

Summary of what we will do.
1. Pull out the water jet housing.
2. Keep tight a hold of the connecting water pipe.
3. Remove the water pipe from the housing.
4. Flush through the water.
5. Check and clear any blockage in the water jet housing.
6. Replace the pipe
7. Push back into place the housing.
8. Test.
9. Cup of coffee.

Okay lets get to unblocking the rear pipe.
Now wiggle it about, and pull out.
It seems to be held on by retain clips.
By pushing up i was able to lever the first clip out.
And then wiggling again, the second clip,

As the housing comes out, keep hold of the pipe.
If this comes off it could go back into the shell of the car.
Which in a nut shell is going to be a hassle you can do without.

Now with the Housing removed you can.
1. Clear any blockages from the rear.
2. Now use the rear wash, to clear any crap from pipe.

Once you happy, that its all clear,
connect the hose again....
But donít forget to try out the jets to see if there clear, by using the washer.
Does it spray good now?

If so, re-connect the host, and push it back into
its place.
And once again give it a try.

Hopefully all is good and you have a soaking wet windscreen.

Why they may become blocked
It can be as simple as dirt getting into the refill bottle.
From a dirty container when filling.

This can be caused if you have added too much cleaner,
for example washing up liquid. And if your car has been
parked up for a few days it can settle to the bottom of
the refill bottle and block the pipe that feeds the jets.
You going to have to get the gunge out or you
will only force it towards the water jets and
block everything...

Although it seems logical to add salt to the water to
prevent it from freezing. DONT DO IT.
As it will crystallise at the Jets when in contact
the air. And eventually block the jets.
If it collects in the pipes at a low point,
it can collect up like a blocked drain.
Also using salt is not screen friendly?
When saly water dries it will leave a film of salt on the window.
Just think what a car looks like (White)
with salt after the gritters have
been out and about on the road.


Hope you find the above useful,
and happy clean windows.
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