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#128594 - 21st Apr 2005 3:15am Universal Nitrous Systems
sally Offline

Registered: 17th Jan 2004
Posts: 624
Loc: Wirral.

Universal Nitrous Systems

Top Shot

The Top Shot Nitrous system is the easiest NOS kit to install. What's more, the system can be concealed within the air cleaner assembly. The nitrous and fuel mixture is simply injected directly down into the top of the carb. The injector module slides over the carburetor/air filter stud without having to remove the carburetor. What could be easier?
The Top Shot module requires no additional clearance where other systems may. The Top Shot utilizes nitrous and fuel flare jets which are adjustable to produce impressive power gains from 75 to 150 HP for stock or modified performers with complete reliability. For performance and ease of installation the Top Shot is an excellent choice. Comes with jets for 100-150 HP.

Fits inside most standard air cleaners and can be adjusted to produce from 75-150 horsepower!

Sneeky pete

The Sneeky Pete was designed as a true "Cheater Kit." This kit will enable you to obtain that extra tenth of a second without being obvious. It will be necessary to jet the carburetors a little richer (over and above what is normal, since you will have to compensate for the nitrous from the Sneeky Pete) while being "sneeky" since no additional fuel source is utilized. The kit comes complete with a compact, easy to conceal 10oz. bottle, nitrous solenoid, nylon nitrous line, wiring, 9v battery holder and an assortment of jets. Carry it in a briefcase!
Totally portable system installs in minutes. Uses two 9volt batteries for power. The ultimate trick!

Under manifold cheater

Here's the perfect "stealth" nitrous system with all the advantages of direct port injection! Precisely measured amounts of fuel and nitrous are injected into each individual port with exclusive NOS space-saving jet spray nozzles for maximum adjustability and distribution. Power levels from 100-250 extra HP are available by changing individual jet spray nozzles for fuel and nitrous. With the under manifold system, all plumbing lines are out of sight. This system comes complete with jets for 150 HP, all necessary electrical/mounting hardware, along with detailed instructions.
Note: Available for V6 applications, call technical department.
Note: Have your manifold set up by the experts. Manifolds may be sent directly to NOS for custom plumbing.

An excellent way to get the performance benefits of nitrous while keeping it all a big secret!


The Best ENTRY-LEVEL Nitrous System On The Market!
The engineers at NOS have hit a bulls-eye by designing the finest entry-level nitrous system available today with the NOS Sniper kit. The Sniper is the economical "entry-level" kit from NOS that simply blows away competitive kits. The Sniper was developed to introduce enthusiasts to the use of nitrous at a very affordable price. This system is a safe and reliable street/strip system that fits all popular 4 bbl. applications
The Sniper is a fully adjustable system that is designed to provide from 100-150 extra horsepower in popular 4 bbl square bore or spread bore applications. However, you can get more than you bargained for. In dyno tests conducted by Chevy High Performance magazine the Sniper setup produced an extra 163 horsepower when installed on a 355 CID small block Chevy with torque increased by an astounding 195 ft. lbs.

Sniper kits comes race ready right out-of-the-box with all necessary components, including a distinctive bright orange 10 lb. bottle with the industry standard industrial valve, adjustable plate with jets, solenoids, plus all required lines, hoses, fittings, clamps and a detailed instruction sheet to make installation simple

Power shot

The Most Simple Nitrous Systems Available for Carbureted V6/V8
The PowershotTM and Super PowershotTM kits feature all premium NOSŪ components including an anodized nitrous plate, a genuine NOSŪ 10 lb. bottle with the NOS Hi-FloTM bottle valve and premium NOSŪ nitrous and fuel solenoids. They are set up at the factory for each application to provide a "safe" application of power and can offer an increase of up to 125 horsepower to V8 applications at the touch of a button.
PowershotTM systems utilize a thin (1/2") injector plate which is installed between the carburetor and the intake manifold. Within the plate are installed special NOSŪ spray bars that are designed to inject both nitrous oxide and fuel precisely into the manifold. The application of this nitrous/fuel blend creates a smooth rush of power, on your demand. With your finger off the button, the engine is its normal, docile self and fuel economy is not affected.

Each PowershotTM system comes standard with a 10 lb. capacity nitrous bottle, aircraft-quality stainless steel braided hose, injector plate, solenoids and all other necessary electrical and mounting hardware for a complete installation.

If it's important to have a system that can be "adjusted" for more or less power, then the Super PowershotTM system is for you. Super PowershotTM systems are designed with the ability to change jet sizes. This allows for more or less of a nitrous/fuel mix to be injected, thus affecting power output.

Super PowershotTM systems are identical to PowershotTM systems with the exception that they come with NOSŪ Jet Pack, P/N 13720. With this addition Super PowershotTM systems can be adjusted to three (3) different power levels: 100 HP, 125 HP and 150 HP.

The following are actual examples of performance gains that were realized by simply bolting on a 125 HP NOS PowershotTM kit.

Direct port systems

Awesome Power Increases For Forced Induction
We know that superchargers create a lot of horsepower. But at the same time, they also create unwanted heat. One of the greatest benefits of an NOS system is the "intercooler effect." The nitrous is injected at -127°F (below zero), and, as it mixes with incoming air, intake temperatures can drop by as much as 75°F. This results in a more dense intake charge. What's more, the nitrous and extra fuel can provide a 30 - 40% increase in HP and torque. To help simplify installation, kits may be ordered pre-assembled with nozzles, pre-bent tubing, distribution blocks, gaskets, and fittings. These kits are designed for GMC-type Roots blowers. For smaller street blowers (like Weiand and Holley) or centrifugal types (Paxton, Vortech, etc.) use appropriate carb plate or EFI nitrous kit.
Turbocharged Applications
NOS Turbo Nitrous Systems are designed to be the perfect compliment to a factory or aftermarket turbocharged engine. From a standing start and during low or mid-range RPM --before the turbo is at full boost-- nitrous will eliminate all "turbo lag," providing instant torque gains. In addition to adding 30-40% extra HP and torque (depending on the base engine), the nitrous oxide acts as an additional intercooler, as it is injected into the intake at -127°F and as it mixes with incoming air, the intake charge can drop by as much as 75°F.

Big shot double plate

The World's Most Sophisticated Plate Systems!
Take two NOSŪ Big ShotTM plates and stack them perpendicular to each other and you get the Double Cross nitrous plate. With the plate cross bars intersecting at a 90° angle, optimum distribution of fuel and nitrous is achieved. This is especially important when using highly complex intake manifold designs and/or those with extended runner dividers that reach deep into the plenum area.
Available either as a single-stage or two-stage system, NOSŪ Double Cross plate systems will enhance any race car set up and provide more blast for every pass made down the quarter mile. This is possible because a Double Cross plate system is capable of providing anywhere from 250 to 500 adjustable horsepower. As a result, these systems have been used by many leading racers to establish E.T. and M.P.H. records in "street legal" classes where a single 4-Bbl plate is required.

Double Cross systems are complete and include 10 lb. bottle, solenoids, plumbing, electrical and all required hardware.

Here are just a few of the system's available.

Take care


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#128595 - 21st Apr 2005 1:31pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
Mark Online   Reading

Wiki Master

Registered: 9th Nov 2003
Posts: 21028
Loc: Wirral
I can See Gadget going for Sneaky pete..

Loads of info there, i didnt realise there were so many diffrent possibilities?

Excellent post sally, enjoyed reading it all.
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Wow Wirral History is coming along Great! Wirral History

we get +200 new members a month now smile

#128596 - 21st Apr 2005 9:04pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
grizz Offline

Registered: 21st Jul 2004
Posts: 140
Loc: neston
Shame all the kit's are for v6 / v8 engines , they are not really for 4cyl engines . As for the sniper being the best entry level system , I think that the "WIZARDS OF NOS " is the best , just ask J & GTI 180 !!!!!

#128597 - 21st Apr 2005 11:11pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
scoop Offline
Wiki Addict

Registered: 18th Nov 2004
Posts: 7238
Loc: Leuchars
Top shot for meesh?????

#128598 - 22nd Apr 2005 1:51am Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
Go Go Gadget Offline
Forum Addict

Registered: 14th Apr 2004
Posts: 1943
Loc: newbrighton
i am aiming for the 'Wizards or nos kit' had good reports about it

#128599 - 22nd Apr 2005 12:31pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems

The Wizards of NOS streetblaster 100i kit is the one ive got. Its a great entry kit and ive never had any problems! Think they are very reasonable to buy now as well! Sold and fitted by our Sponsor Sprayforce. Any1 need and info give them a call 0151 678 0777.

#128600 - 23rd Apr 2005 11:27am Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
evo ad Offline

Registered: 11th Nov 2003
Posts: 447
Loc: wirral
Anyone got any tel numbers for insurance companies that insure cars with NOS fitted. I'm getting a kit for the Skyline but wanted to use it with the bottle in for road use. Didn't really want to keep taking the bottle out.

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#128601 - 23rd Apr 2005 1:49pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
DavidB Offline
Wiki Guide

Registered: 7th Dec 2003
Posts: 5599
Loc: Bebington, Wirral
I think NOS is awesome because of the simplicity of it, that just looks like a nightmare!!
"C20 LET bang"

#128602 - 23rd Apr 2005 5:43pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems
grizz Offline

Registered: 21st Jul 2004
Posts: 140
Loc: neston
EVO AD , if you contact ADRIAN FLUX , and tell them that you've got a WIZZARD OF NOS kit fitted they will be ok as they have an agreement with them .Give me a ring for a good price on a kit!!!!! grizz

#128603 - 26th Apr 2005 2:00pm Re: Universal Nitrous Systems

these universal kits are totally useless to any of already stated wizards of nos are the best bet...

so much for "Universal"

nice post tho sally


Moderator:  StuyMac 
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