Fast Car in attendance

Saturday 16th September
McDonald's Car Park
CA14 3YW
8pm onwards

CWC, back where it started cool

With Fast Car in attendance and the Cruise Fest North West Flame Out Competition

A night time extravaganza of ear-popping, flame-throwing, high-octane frenzy.
Pull the crowds and show off your flaming talent as you light up the night sky.
From Flamer kits to over fueling
Letís see if you can hot it up
Letís see if you can bring a spark of entertainment
Enter the Flame-out competition and test your flamer kits against the opposition.
Trophy for the longest and biggest explosion up for grabs.
The competition starts at 9pm, once its starts you'll know where its at.

To enter the Flame Out Competition please email or find me at the start of the night.

Can all convoy leaders please contact me before the night of the Cruise.