Hi. I am new here so bear with me please while I get familiar. smile I have recently formed a new Wirral Living History and Re enactment group attached to Eastham Home Guard Old Comrades Association (Company "D" 21st Bat Cheshire Home Guard ). Our aim is to learn, teach and remember the contribution of the H.G. to the War Effort.in Wirral. We strive to honour the H.G by being true to its spirit through representing them with respect and accuracy. Our aim is to work with schools, Care Homes, attend events and raise money for charity. We hope to some day have a permanent exhibition devoted to the Home Guard and to write a wider History of the Home Guard here in Wirral. I would love to hear from any locals who would like to join us or help by providing information, photographs or memories of the local Home Guard anywhere in Wirral. We are planning 1940's themed events in wWirral for 2021 ( subject to restrictions being lifted ) and are using this Covid time to get ourselves organised so please get in touch smile

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