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3 Mobile Outage Wirral #1068846
24th May 2019 4:53pm
24th May 2019 4:53pm
Joined: May 2019
Posts: 1
SteveK557 Offline OP
SteveK557  Offline OP
Joined: May 2019
Posts: 1
Friday 24 May 2019 – If you live on the Wirral and you have had issues with your 3 mobile service/signal recently during May 2019 and has been down during the week Mon 20 May 2019 to Friday 24 May 2019 then I’d suggest that you contact 3 mobile and quote the known issue with the mobile mast in Spital, and get a reduction on your phone bill as compensation.

I had typed this out just in case I got a window of opportunity to post it online and warn others that this is a technical problem with the 3 mobile network in Wirral and is not an issue with your phone, which 3 mobile will try to tell you.

I’ve had a few issues over the last few months with 3 mobile local service/signal (particularly in Bromborough) but I lost signal and all service on the morning of Mon 20 May 2019, so I couldn’t contact 3 to ask what was happening without driving to Ellesmere Port before the signal would pick up again.

I have two phones with 3 mobile. Both affected.

I rely on one of those phones for personal hotspot. No service. I don’t have any other internet service at home to rely upon.

No calls available.
No text.
No data usage available.
No mobile services available.
No hotspot available.
Complete loss of all services.
“Network service unavailable” – message.

A week signal came back intermittently but kept dipping in and out and not enough to actually use the phone or hotspot.
I tried to contact 3 whilst I had a signal but due to the signal dropping off again and again I kept getting cut off during conversation with the Asian rep who initially couldn’t understand what I was saying, which doesn’t help when all he wanted to do was to verify my account, take me through security questions, asks me again because he can’t understand me and then puts me on hold!!!


I subsequently got cut off before I could get to the bottom of the problem or ask him to try and call me back.

The signal eventually kicked back in again briefly late Monday afternoon just long enough for me to be able to contact 3 again and speak with customer services.

They initially tried fobbing me off and telling me that it was an issue with my android phone. I knew this to be nonsense. My other phone is an iPhone and I had the exact same service/signal issues with that one too.

Ironically, whilst on the phone to 3 customer services, I got a text message from 3 telling me that the mobile Mast in Spital, Wirral would be down for maintenance and that mobile services to this area would be affected until Friday 24 May 2019.

The text message said – “Hello, We’re planning work in Spital CH62 3PZ this week. We expect to finish by 24/05/2019. If your service is affected, click here for updates - “.

The above bitly link takes you to a Network & Coverage postcode checker – it didn’t work.

The customer services rep continued to tell me that my service/signal issue was with my phone and was then trying to upgrade me to a 4G phone.

Told her I didn’t need a new phone. I read the text message out to her and she then backtracked, put me on hold and came back and confirmed that the service in my postcode was down due to maintenance and that the service would continue to be affected until Friday 24 May 2019.

I told her that this wasn’t acceptable. She offered me a 12 pound rebate.

I’m not interested in a measly rebate.

I want mobile service or at least to receive ample warning that it is going to be down so that I can make alternative arrangements.
They just don’t get it.

They are a mobile service provider, yet expect you to be able to access your messages and the internet to contact them to complain or to find out what the issues is------whilst their own services are down!!!!!!!!!

They keep you on hold, after you have desperately been trying to contact them.

They try to sell you another phone, whilst you’re trying to get their trash service back online.

What mobile company in the right mind sends out text messages to its own customers to inform them that service is down…..knowing full well that the customer can’t receive that message because they don’t have any signal or service because your feckin service is down!!!!!! Morons. Who is running this company?

She could have offered me 100 pound but it still doesn’t give me any mobile service or internet.

I didn’t receive any prior warning that this outage was going to happen, other than the text message that was sent whilst the service was actually down. Go FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF figure.

Eventually managed to check their ‘Check coverage & network status’ tool – it either gives me an ‘OOPS’ error message or it tells me that there are no problems in my postcode.!!!!!!. WTF!

…It gets even better.

3 mobile have since been trying to call me back on my dead mobile service to discuss my complaint further. They couldn’t get through to me…..i wonder why?

So they sent me 3 text messages telling me that they couldn’t get through to me…..i wonder why?

Those text messages say that they want me to go online to make my complaint via live chat……..without any internet access!!!!

Those text messages didn’t come through to me for two hours…….i wonder why?


You couldn’t make this up. It comedy at its best.

3 mobile obviously don’t know how their own mobile service actually works.

Hint - We need to be able to access to your services in order for us to use them and receive your messages and calls. We also need a signal/service to be able to speak to you via live chat!!

P.S... Been told by 3 mobile customer services that they have actually been fitting a new mobile mast in Spital, Wirral and that all mobile services should be resumed back to normal today, Friday 24 2019.
(They also have an issue with one of their masts in Liverpool).

Rant over.

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Re: 3 Mobile Outage Wirral [Re: SteveK557] #1068889
25th May 2019 9:03am
25th May 2019 9:03am
Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 279
muzzy2 Online shifty

muzzy2  Online Shifty

Joined: Aug 2011
Posts: 279
Just have to ask this, why don't you change suppliers?

Re: 3 Mobile Outage Wirral [Re: SteveK557] #1068928
25th May 2019 6:30pm
25th May 2019 6:30pm
Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 1,922
Wallasey/New Brighton
j_demo Offline
Forum Addict
Happy Birthday j_demo  Offline
Forum Addict
Joined: Nov 2011
Posts: 1,922
Wallasey/New Brighton
+1 to changing supplier. I've never heard a good word said about 3's network coverage/availability.

O2, EE and Vodafone all have issues at times but generally they're fine. I'm with EE and apart from in Sports Direct in Liverpool One (for some reason i have no signal at all in there) my signal is always great otherwise.

GiffGaff and Tesco both use O2's signal and they're cheap and i've heard good things about both, that new one VOXI use Vodafone's network but i don't know what they're like for prices or reliability.

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