Another question never been sufficiently answered IMO. In fact it was never given any reason for the buses to finish down there.
There were plans to develop, hence the Woodside Hotel went up in flames !

However, do we know that Mersey Rail is part of the Serco-Abellio. Abellio is owned by the Dutch .

To make it a viable proposition, the Northern Rail Network would have to be profitable.
I don't know who owns/runs the bus companies on Wirral but I wouldn't be surprised if there is a connection between them and foreign companies.
I thought Arriva were Dutch at one time, but it would appear they are now German owned.

Arriva is a multinational public transport company headquartered in Sunderland, England[1] It was established in 1938 as T Cowie and through a number of mergers and acquisitions was rebranded Arriva in 1997 and became a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn in 2010. Arriva operates bus, coach, train, tram and waterbus services in 14 countries across Europe. As of September 2018, it employed 61,845 people and operated 2.4 billion passenger journeys annually.[2] It operates as three divisions: UK Bus, UK Rail and Mainland Europe.[3]

Wheels within wheels. It was also mentioned many years ago that Peel would be the eventual operators of the Ferries. How true that is I don't know, but if that cat was let out of the bag, imagine the uproar. Maybe they are waiting for all the old guys and nostalgia to die off before the next move ! Everything has been pre-planned and we sit and wait , watching Birkenhead disintegrate under our noses.

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