The freedom of the internet

Use Google Chrome to access the websites you want, on the big screen. Bookmark your favourites, like Catch-Up TV, to your home screen

Apps for the big screen

Access video, music, games, news and more apps from the Play Store. Enjoy apps designed for the big screen like Netflix, The Guardian and more!

You're in control

The unique dual sided remote control offers you a QWERTY keyboard so you can search just like on your laptop. It also has a mouse touch pad so you can move the cursor with ease. It even acts as a universal remote to control your TV and digital box!

Watch TV and surf the web

Connect your HD digital box to the Internet Player with Google TV for a seamless web experience. Use the Picture-In-Picture key on the remote to view your TV at the same time as browsing the web. Great for finding out who that actor is, or checking out the team news, without missing any action.

Connection heaven

Built in Wi-Fi means easy connection to your home internet connection. Bluetooth allows you to share your media files or even connect an additional keyboard or mouse for even greater control of your experience. 2 USB slots allow you to share your media from a USB stick or a Hard Drive.
Hardly used like new.
60 ono.

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