Asking 10.00 - Collection from Eastham.
I received this jug from a friend who had a shop selling this type of glassware but no longer does so, it has been in a cupboard gathering dust for years and I thought it a shame not to pass it on to someone who will appreciate and get some use from it.
The jug stands 27cms. tall is 14cms. at it's widest point and has a base diameter of 11 cms., the equivalent imperial measurements are included in the item specifics. I have posted photos so that you can really appreciate the beauty of this elegant jug and check it's many features.
I would like to draw your attention to the following features which can be checked in the photos I have posted.
It has gold bands around the rim, the belly and two near the base. Just below the gold line around the belly is a delicate tracery of diagonal lines etched or cut into the glass and highlighted at their intersections by 1 row of gold spots 3 rows of white, and another row of gold spots. There are 4 sprigs of leaves around the waist of the jug, these are not just painted on but both the branches and the leaves are etched or cut into the glass and the leaves are painted in gold. Finally, the base is decorated with a fine diagonal tracery of lines either cut or etched into the glass and highlighted with three rows of white enamel dots at their intersections. I have described this article as fully and fairly as I can but if you have any queries do not hesitate to ask.

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