A young Liscard man and his pet dog Hendrix were rescued by members of the public along the promenade at Hertford Drive, New Brighton.
The man had entered the water to rescue his young puppy after it had been chasing the waves as they washed up the promenade. The dog went down the steps at the bottom of Hertford Drive and a wave pulled him in.
After bravely(foolishly) swimming to his dog and grabbing it he then got into difficulty as the rough waves pushed him against the concrete wall. A man gardening nearby and 4 members of the public were able to throw a lifebelt to him and draw him back towards the steps. A large wave crashed down on the man but thankfully lifted him onto the steps handrail where he was helped to safety.
Man and dog declined medical attention and were taken home with shock and some small grazes.
If it wasn't for the help of the public this would have been a tragedy. Thankfully the lifebelt was there.
The incident happened close to the same spot that an elderly women drowned when she went into the water to rescue her dog several years ago.