Did anyone else get caught up in this massive mother of a tail back.

The M56 was closed East bound from 3:30ish to

I was going to Manchester Airport,
and must have been in on the motorway,
no more than 10 mins before they closed it off.

Everyone was being diverted off the motorway at chester services.

After following half of the Northwest through Helsby and Frodsham for 2hrs and only
3miles from the M56 next clear exit,
the dam thing was re opened.
No Hazzard / chemical found.

We could all see the traffic heading west as we crawled along....

We did hear on the radio that the tail back was all the way back to the M53 E-port.

Got to the airport eventually.
And on my way back the M56 was still stop start but moving steadly.

Any one else caught up in this?
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