I've owned this since new but upgraded a few years back and just found this one down the side of a load of stuff i'm clearing out. Couple of age related marks and a small nick or scratch on the screen but otherwise works fine. Battery is shot so only works when plugged in. The charging port is also temperemental so would fare best if on a desk and doesnt move. I'm sure the charger port is a cheap fix but i've no use for this laptop so no point me putting the in. Comes preloaded with windows XP media centre edition. Everything seems to work fine but i'm by no means a computer technician so can't guarantee anything. All i do know is as i'm typing this it works fine, if a little slow... will system restore before Sale.

Did sell on ebay but buyer never paid... and cba with the hassle of posting it and all that.

Yours for 20ono

Pics available upon request