Press Statement from Wirral Unite Community Branch NW/96

Unite the Union hold a National Day Against Sanctions annually. Wirral Unite Community Branch will be peacefully demonstrating outside Wallasey J.C.P on Wednesday 9th March 10 a.m- 2 p
Half a million people have had their benefits sanctioned in the last twelve months, to be suddenly plunged into poverty unable to feed themselves or heat their homes. How does this help people back to work or improve their employment prospects?

Benefit sanctions merely place more barriers in the way of finding employment, the chances of physical and mental health problems are increased. Debt and homelessness are also increased as a result of sanctions.

Sanctions are cruel and handed out for reasons that can only be described as unfair. Examples include arriving minutes late to a meeting, not applying for other jobs whilst waiting to start a new job, being unable to attend an appointment due to attending a parentís funeral. These sanctions highlight a lack of compassion and must stop.

We have chosen Wallasey Jobcentre as it is earmarked for closure. 116 people work here and the loss of this service will impact not only on those jobseekers who will have to travel into Birkenhead to attend interviews, thus incurring further costs, but also on local traders who will see the number of people travelling into Liscard to shop reduced. We are proud to stand here alongside our colleagues in the local Labour party and have the support of Angela Eagle in challenging this decision.

Mel Guilfoyle- Chair

Wednesday 9th March- 10am-2pm at Wallasey Job Centre Plus.

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